Kojima Haruna’s Butt!! revealed!!

  October 5, 2012

You saw her butt!? It was soooo beautiful!

This month’s issue?

You just gotta check out their official website!

I kinda feel this is more sexual and revealing than ANAN, but because this is fashion magazine, it doesn’t look cheap!
Though I’m a woman, I feel exhilarated when Kojima-san dressed in such a sexy way!

I need to become a photo shoot crew…. Look, if you stand right behind her, you can see….

Oh come on… This is the photo shoot that Nyan tweeted that she wants everyone to see the final product soon!!

She can completely transform herself between panty flash for kids and sexy lingerie for hip women….!!

I can’t even believe these are the same person (゚д゚)

How sexy and beautiful NyanNyan is….
She is the top model….

I love this Glamorous magazine because it always shows beautiful Kojima-san to us.

If she can show her butt to this degree, why doesn’t she wear T-back panty for Megutan…

↑If she would wear T-back, people in Rokudemo-sou would die, I think lol

↑Because of too much noseblooding….

Thank you so much Mariko-sama! White panty!!