How about creating a new subunit with Yagami Kumi and Kizaki Yuria?

  October 10, 2012

If they form a unit something like PUFFY or HALCALI, I think it will be fantastic for fans!!

Something very laid-back, airhead type of unit? I think it can work out well.

I bet you. They’ll be enormously popular, but the problem is AkiP only cares about Jurina….

KuuYuri Goo Kawa

Actually Okami to Pride’s costume suits Ogisotan the best.

Why don’t you include Kanon and make it a trio?

When it comes to KuuYuri, I love this photo the best.

Kuumin’s Doyagao makes me feel something.

KuuYuri is so nice!

But I don’t mind if it’s become KuuYuriNon trio!

Oh wait, you gotta consider KuuYuriGomaYukko’s complicated relationship….!

Yagami’s Kami Oshi = Yuria

Yuria and Ogiso are kinda like sisters.

Ogiso and Yukko are lovers, right?


↑Awwwww This KuuShawa is too cute~~~!! Thank you so much!

I actually don’t want Sawako to join this unit.

I want to only consider Yuria or Kanon who Kuumin herself probably like to form a unit together with.

↑I think it’s nice to share Kuusan photos with other members so that many people enjoy this thread.

Please don’t dis other members for the sake of Kuusan.

By the way, Kuusan and Shawako are together in NO NAME, Seiyu Senbatsu~



KuuOyabun (Oyabun/親分: Boss)


Bohemian KuuShawa

What a good thread!!

By the way, unexpectedly, Kuumin is very close to Makiko.


1 + 1 = not 2 Kuumin~~~ (from 1+1は2じゃないよ)

KuuChuriOgiYuri (Yagami, Takayanagi, Ogiso, Kizaki)

I think these 4 have a perfect balance when they are together.

↑I think SKE should be better if these 4 girls are in a front row!!

↑x2 Looking at this I think SKE has plenty of choices better than Rena and Jurina’s W Center, though I can understand it’s difficult to change something already established.


Kuu and Freaking Cool



↑ I love Shibuya-san and Dance’s 2shot!

I think after all, the best combi is Kuumin and Mafin…..


KuYuriNon…. I can only feel excited from this combi…. I really hope this combi will form a subunit!!!

KuuYuri is a great asset of SKE.

Though they’re often called Airhead, they are actually very hard workers when it comes to their job.

Please Please give them fierce promotions as hell!

SKE’s young generations are thriving….

12th grade: Kuumin

11th grade: Yuria

10th grade: Manatsu

9th grade: Kanon

Actually this is an amazing coincidence.

Dumb Bunny

Everyone looks so cute and fresh in this photo.

It gives me a feeling that SKE has a bright future.

↑I love you Kinchan.

↑x2 This photo convinced me that SKE48 will be successful for at least next 5 years.


↑The last photo LOL

Oh you don’t know SKE48? What a shame!!

Now it’s a time for SKE48! They will have a thriving years from now!

If you doubt me, let’s watch this footage.

Everyone ‘s favorite from Team S 3rd “Seifuku no Me” (制服の芽)

Ohkami to Pride – Kizaki Yuria and Yagami Kumi

Especially from 2:52~ they dance to the guitar solo so cute.


My hear aches so much because Kuumin is too cute….

↑Thank you so much!

KuuChuri…. (;´Д`)

↑x2 Kuumin with curled hair is too cute.

Kuumin sometimes looks matured but sometimes looks so adorable like a kid.

Kuumin, Kanon, Yuria…. I wonder if management force these girls have a concurrent position in AKB48 or even full transfer when they really want to create controversy and fuss among fans…

↑I often ponder upon which is good for members, lately.

Transfer to AKB48 does help them to have more opportunities, but…..

At the end of the day, I still want them to be successful as members of SKE.

I really hope Kuumin, Yuria and Kanon will form a subunit!!