(Positive views) UZA’s MV, The hardest Choreography ever in the history of AKB48

  October 3, 2012

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Somehow, Yuko and Tomochin caught my attention.
They have something captivating.
I want them to perform as W center…

Me, too. Yuko, Tomochin and Takamina caught my eyes.
I wanted to see more details of Mariko-sama and Kojima-san, by the way.

It’s great that he chose Yukirin as clown. Is this director knows Yukirin’s nose is one of the most important feature of her.

It’s pretty hard to make PV for AKB because many people judge the quality based on whether their Oshimen looks cute in the MV or not.

It’s like a circus.
I don’t dislike this kind of taste.

Well, putting aside whether my Oshi looks fine in the video or not, I like the atmosphere of this MV on the whole.

I kinda felt it was more uptempo than the live performance at Janken tournament.

If you just want to appreciate visual and sound effect, I think this MV has the wonderful quality.

This director films very beautiful images. I thought the same when I watched Gingham Check’s MV.

I think this is not good even when you see it as dance centered PV.
Because he used too many film transitions, it’s hard to see the choreography.

↑ You can enjoy watching their choreography in Dance version MV.

Nowadays they make girls dressed in weird costumes every time….
Now that time has passed, it’s unrealistic for them to play a game with more straight forward idol-like costumes and PV?

↑Age-wise, we can’t expect they would make something like Ogoe Diamond again.

Because the lyrics sing “Kiss first”, I have a feeling that this MV will definitely have Kissing scene.

The ballet scene…. Milky completely beat Yuko….

If they can’t perfectly nail this choreography, and want to get rid of Drama part, I wanted them to try harder and dance more professionally….
Even when you consider the choreography for this song is the hardest, I’m perplexed by the fact that the choreography of this song doesn’t look as cool as Beginner in this PV…

↑At least, Paruru dances perfect in the PV.

I’m impressed that even though the choreography for Yuko, Milky and Paruru, Sashihara are the same, they made a subtle difference by transforming them into different characters, Ballerina and Marionette.

Mayuyu’s hat reminds me of Team B Oshi.

Because even though they’re dressed in costumes, they keep dancing, I wanted MV to have more closeups for transformed members.
But maybe it’s just because the teaser was only a chorus part, so I will make a final judgement after I watch the full version.

I love this MV.
Tomochin looks so cool. This type of song really suits her.
Yuko and Jurina really stands out. I want to watch their closeup shots more.

Yukirin’s role is very perfected.

I really love this MV.
It’s also Joseph Kahn-like that the film’s transition is too quick for MV of idols.
But it has sense of consistency more than Gingham Check’s MV

Their choice of members for puppets…. LOL

↑It’s a cynical joke lol. Nothing serious. But actually it’s their dancing style that fits the movement of puppets.

As expected, I’m impressed by visual of Kojiharu and Mariko. They really nailed that milady costumes.

Shimazaki and Sashihara’s movement also fits the character setting.
And, Itano. She looks absolutely cool with this kind of tune.
I love the concept of the MV, but yeah, it doesn’t fit the song, and the song is not that impressive, after all.
The same can be said to Gingham Check’s MV. It has a nice visual, but it doesn’t fit the tune.

I just normally thought the MV is cool.

The chemical sound of the melody really matches the image.

This mood, aesthetic and baroque, may be something love-it-or-hate-it kind of thing, but I like it.

Probably the character setting is a distance between girls and Akimoto.
Oshima and Milky are just eye-candies, but he really isn’t get involved that deeply.
Sashihara and Shimazaki is a tool to convey his intention to people.
Mayuyu and Rena are a bit scaring doll. Which means they are watchdogs for Yasusu.

I don’t hate it, but they clearly made this MV with overseas market in mind.
Which is fine, but I want AKB48 to try variety genre of music, including authentic idol-like songs.
I guess they will back to basics with the Janken single.
Let’s wait til you make the final judgement.

Tons of people bashed this Joseph Kahn guy, which is fine if you don’t like his work. And I can understand that the fact that he is a Korean decent bugs Japanese all the more.

But he is a big name in Asian American music directors scene, and I once read an interview of this guy in one magazine, along with an African American movie director. Both have had tough times because of their skin color and their families’ background. So…. I don’t feel like bashing him just because of the fact he is Korean…

But, yeah I don’t like MV for sure.

↑I think it’s not that they hate on Joseph, but they hate Korean people.

You know, they will surely say, Look!! Korean director produced the MV of AKB48!

Korea dominates the Asian music market!!

That’s why many people don’t like the fact he is a Korean decent, but it’s definitely not that they hate him as a person.

*This is a classic Internet War between Japanese netizen and Korean netizen

By the way, Joesph in Linkin Park is a Gundam Otaku hehe

You can see Gundam in Linkin’s MV, and even their album artwork is a fake Gundam.

You know, when he visits Japan, he often visit Akihabara.


※In this post I deliberately picked up positive comments about UZA’s MV, but over all, this PV directed by Joseph Kahn is unfavorable to most of Japanese fans on both twitter, 2ch and mixi. I also added some comments that may roughly explain the background of somewhat offensive remarks of Japanese people about the fact that Joseph Kahn is a Korean decent.