Doodle Battle – SKE48 Takayanagi tries digital painting on Furukawa Airi’s face

  January 30, 2013
Takayanagi Akane 1/28 22:17

It went wrong~ (^-^) It is shameful to share only a photograph (^-^) <-
So I would like to try painting with a personal computer, do you have any software of your recommendation~?

Although asking Airin may make it get solved immediately, I don’t dare to do it  (^-^) smile

Painting painting~

Furukawa Airi 1/28 23:02

Drear Churi.

With an awesome software, you can do things like this~


Abiru Riho 1/28 23:06

This cracked me up~~
Furukawa Airi 1/28 23:07

Wait! Chicken “meat” – 鳥肉 – and “meat” – 肉 – on your forehead makes a good pun!

Takayanagi Akane 1/28 23:33

Oi! Furukawa! You do whatever as you please when I be silent like this…..(^-^)

Just you wait and see!

Takayanagi Akane 1/28 23:35

Plus! Churi should be spelled in Hiragana! Not in Katakana like you did!!

Takayanagi Akane 1/28 23:57

The counterattack of Takayanagi.

Since Furukawa-san is far from Danmitsu-san,

Me, Takayanagi, a kind girl transformed her into Shogun Iemitsu.

And she lived happily ever after.

Although i have a pen tab, Paint is the only software that is installed in my personal computer.

Maybe I want to try free painting software next time~!

Takayanagi Akane

Kuhahahahahahahahaah(o_ _)ノ彡☆
Furukawa Airi

Whoa! You’ve made Furukawa the world famous person!!
Takayanagi Akane

LOL Lame~(・∀・)
Furukawa Airi

As you all are saying, this somehow suits me a lot…..

Furukawa Airi 1/29 0:06

Furukawa, who was counterattacked by Churi, has become ShogunIemitsu.

Note that I haven’t become a naughty sister, okay?

She has become a Shogun sister.

Takayanagi Akane

What a lam… oh yeah! It’s awesome! I like it!(・∀・)
Takayanagi Akane

I can feel you are glad. This is good~.
Takayanagi Akane

I’m turning in for the night. Let’s enjoy more next time (´Д` ) Don’t go sarcastic while I’m offline ~ (´Д` ) Coz I can’t make a reply~(´Д` ) See You~ (´Д` )
Abiru Riho



Fans reactions:

“Oi! Tell her that Paint is good for her!! (and someone did tell her on G+)”

“LOL This is ow much Airin loves Churi!”

“Airin never disappoints us when it comes to teasing Churi!”

“Why the heck does Churi have a pen tab!?”

“She has had one since a while back. She bought it to doodle on a photo.”

“LOL Churi failed to get a laugh.”

“I bet Airin was grinning all the while.”