Touching Episode of SKE48 Takayanagi Akane and Furuhata Nao

  October 7, 2012

Churi will be the leader after Rika-chan leaves SKE48.

So this is expected.

She has both personal magnetism, good personality and human network.

↑That’s it.

Churi is actually a treasure box of nice episodes.

If you look at only Churi, you can’t say she is cut out for Captain,

But she has a good supporter called Mieko-Neesan and Airin.

Takayanagi Akane interview~

-What is your natural self?

Takayanagi: “I’m always giving it everything, and actually I’m airhead, not a smart person. My fans often say to me that they have a firm image of me as a leader with a righteous mind, but it’s actually now. I think it maybe because I always put my priority on Team Kll, sometimes way too much.”

–Last year it worked fine I think. Fans could ride the Takayanagi bandwagon as you made it clear that team Kll has a supreme value in you.

Takayanagi: “I think so. If you ask me, I’ve been putting all of my efforts to team Kll over these past 2 years. Maybe because of that, increasing number of fans told me that ‘I voted for Akane-chan for the sake of team Kll’. And it was a stage where I stood, shouldering everyone’s sentiment. But this year, it was a battle of my fans and me only. And that’s why I decreased my ranking, I guess. (23th → 24th)”

-And I think many people feel sympathetic with you as you overcome these things one by one. The more grow older, the more empathic people can be towards you.

Takayanagi: “I’m often said that even though I’m an idol, they feel I’m a humane person.”

Takayanagi: “Everyone! Do you know what day today is?”

Audiences: “…..”

Takayanagi: “Actually, one year ago today, I asked (to Yasusu) to let team Kll perform our original setlist!!! (Doyagao)”

Audiences: “Whoa….. whooaaa yaaaayyyy!”

Actually it’s almost a customary of SKE to express gratitude through blog post….. -_-

If it’s Churi-san who we’re talking about, she must write a blog as a reply to Nao!!

Sure, SKE’s general manager should be Takayanagi!!

Meanwhile team E members are smelling stinky shoes.

Churi as a captain, takes care of all her juniors…. Wonderful.

She has finally exceeded Takamina who she admires…..

This is what we call Takamina-ism.

Takayanagi becomes kind to others when she is pushing herself to the limit.

And Jurina makes more puns when her schedule is tough.

And Churi wrote an answer Blog post.