AKB48 Nito Moeno announces her graduation from the group

  February 14, 2013

AKB48 member Nito Moeno (20) announced her graduation from the group during team A’s theater performance today, 14th February.

Moeno was chosen for Senbatsu for the first time in AKB48’s 12th single “Namida Surprise”.She won 2nd place in AKb48 29th single Senbatsu Janken Tournament, which led a dramatic comback to Senbatsu after 3 and a half years of absence.

She ranked at 29th in the 2nd general election in 2010, 31th in the 3rd in 2011.Despite the fact her name wasn’t on the list in the preliminary reslut, she managed to secure her place in the final, ranking at 55th in the 4th general election held in 2012.

She has gained trust from members and staffs with her solid performance skill, and been one of the most trustable members who have sustained AKB48’s theater performances. She was promoted to a regular member from Kenkyusei (research student, trainee) only 99 days after her theater performance debut, which is a record.

She starred the musical “Peter Pan” in 2012 as Wendy, the heroine.

She issued a speech at the announcement at AKB48 theater.

“Since I turned 20, I’ve started thinking about myself more frequently than before.

I’ve been uneasy about what exactly I will engage in in this entertainment business.

For the sake of my own development, to improve various skills, I would like to challenge various things after my graduation.

According to her comment, her graduation will take place after handshake events for the Janken Single “Eien Pressure” (永遠プレッシャー – Forever Pressure) and 5th anniversary for her as a member of AKB48 – April 28th.


Takashima Yurina 2/14 22:31

Good evening.

I heard Miss Nito to graduate AKB48.I remember the very first position I performed was Miss Nito’s position for RESET.I learned coreography through closely watching Miss Nito dancing, and before I knew it, she has become a woman that I admire.

Since then, whenever asked who is my senior who I admire, I’ve always answered her name, at conversation with you at handshake events or the interview for AKB48 Documentary Movie.

My emotion for her is so strong that I even thought I learned what it’s meant to “Respect Someone” through her.

Though I’ve had performed with her for few times yet, those were precious experience for me.

Although I’m so shocked at the announcement, and tears won’t stop, I’ll stay strong and keep doing my best so that some day I’ll be as wonderful person as, or even greater than her and that  I can catch her attention.

If I were allowed to hope more, I would talk with her more.

Nito Moeno 2/14 23:25

Thank you so much for your comment, Takashima Yurina♥

Just realizing that there’s a person who think about me like you do makes me feel convinced that it was meaningful to be a part of AKB48. It gives me a confidence as well.

I’m really really glad.

Though now we can’t perform on the same stage at theater performance, I hope we will have a chance to sing together.

Since I’m a shy type of person, I really look forward to you talking to me!


Matsui Sakiko 2/14 22:54

Daisuki (I love you so much)

Nito Moeno 2/14 23:26

SukiSuki (I love you too)
Tanabe Miku 2/14 23:39

We’re Club Moeno!