Chinese fans in Australia send Valentine’s Day gift to AtsuMina and 1 more

  February 16, 2013

Fans Reactions:

“Chinese people are so awesome.”

“How much does this cost?”

“Is this done by a person who owns this building?

I don’t know anything about overseas advertising market…”

“Did they collect money from a group of fans? Or this is done by a single person?

Whichever it would be, this is uncanny and awesome!”

AKB48 Official Website | Member Information |Abe Maria

Nickname: AbeMaru

Fans Reacion:

“Just one day after the vote to decide her new nickname….. AKB48 website management team…. How fast they do their job!”

Abe Maria 2/14 13:12

Thanks Everyone for the voting♥

As you can see in the photo,

AbeMaru will become my new official Nickname!

I will try my best to make AbeMaru my de facto nickmane!

I’m glad if you call me AbeMaru~


Kuramochi Asuka 2/14 15:59