Maeda Atsuko takes a “center” position in the latest photo of Shirato Family, Softbank

  February 21, 2013

Softbank CO. is now holding public photo exhibition in Tokyo Metro’s Roppongi Station. It’s a photo momoir of Shirato Family, an imaginary family who appears in the company’s commercial since 2007.

Whoa! Maeda Atsuko (as a teacher) becomes a center in the latest photo of the family!!!

“Unexpected? No wonder lol”

“Maeda Astuko → Softbank”

source: Softbank

 While it’s not yet known whether this is a scene from Softbank’s new commercial or not, it’s obviously not a coincidence that Maeda is at center in the group photo, isn’t it?

Face Off! (Or AKB48 Paradise?) Sofbank feat. Maeda Atsuko, Billboard ad for AKB48 single “So Long!”, and AKB dake for Docomo!

Video: Current version of Softbank’s TV ad “白戸家CM どうなる白戸家篇 60s”