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  March 8, 2013

Murashige: What I keenly felt during today’s theater performance.

Tani and I have a similar character.

Tani, like me, thinks she is insanely cute.

Plus, she is more GuiGui (Pushy and bold to gain exposure)  than me.

Man, I gotta become more GuiGui!!

If I were not GuiGui, I would be just a normal, cute girl!

*Tani Marika (谷真理佳): HKT 2nd generation member, KKS – G+ page

Mriyasu Madoka: Good luck~~~

source: Murashige Anna G+

Uhmmm, What makes Tani so funny is her tough spirit that she can dare to make fun of herself.

While Murashige seems not to be as smart and tough as Tani, say….. she can make us laugh WHEN someone make a good retort at her remark.

Japanese people’s affinity for Eurasian’s appearance and her comical character may be a good combination, but don’t we have enough of such media personalities already?

That said, what makes her character so stands out is her great communication skill that let people, especially her seniors make sharp retorts at her.

But yeah, her self analysis is so true as both of the girls are Boke-type.