Breathtaking Artworks for AKB48 Kuramochi Asuka’s solo debut single!

  April 23, 2013

Kuramochi Asuka of AKB48 will be hijacking 5 mens’ magazines for her solo debut.

kuramochi asuka akb48

It’s announced that Kuramochi Asuka solo project will hold competition called “Jake1GP” (No.1 Artwork Grand Prix), where each of 5 magazines will release her single with different artwork design respectively, and compete the sales.

*5 magazines: Weekly YOung Champion, FRIDAY, B. L. T, Weekly Playboy, Weekly Big Comic Spirits, each sold for “one coin” (500 yen)

The single contains a answer sheet, and people who purchase her single can submit their own prediction of the result of this competition. Those who predict the correct result can join a lottery and rights to go watch horse racing with Kuramochi will be presented to winners.

Kuramochi won 2nd series of “Gachiuma2”, the horse race betting competition AKB48 held last year. And this record release as a solist is a prize for the win.

Asuka Kuramochi’s comment:

-Impression on 5 artworks

“I’m so thrilled with my solo debut and this unique attempt!

We tried various takes, like trying to make a very elaborated image, or just an image of my natural self…. And although, each artwork presents a different look of me, I’m going to buy all of them LOL”

-What about lyrics? You wrote all the lyrics yourself.

“I managed to do it!

I rewrote them for countless times. I paraphrased them, rewrote them day and night, and in the end, started all over again LOL

It’s competed. However, still, from time to time, I find myself thinking about an idea for the lyrics LOL”

Check out breathtaking artworks of Kuramochi Asuka’s debut single!