Takahashi Minami’s solo debut single “Jane Doe” Details Out: She covers “Migikata” by Maeda Atsuko

  March 8, 2013

The details of Takahashi Minami’s solo debut single “Jane Doe” which will go on sale on April 3th unveiled today, on March 8th.

Among the unveiled single cover artworks, Type A and Type B are well linked to the world view that the song sings.



The black costume for Type-A is inspired by “Phantom Theif” image, while red one for Type-B is themed on “Diva”, an attempt to display her matured side.

While Type-C makes a drastic change from the other two. She is in a room, filled with soft daylight. The artwork portraits her natural and sentimental expression.

Interestingly, Takahashi Minami covers “Migikata” (右肩 – Right shoulder) the song originally sung by Maeda Atsuko. The cover is contained in Type-C.

How will the song be like when it’s performed and interpreted by Takamina?

“Migikata”, a coupling to Maeda Atsuko’s solo single “Kimi ha Bokuda” is touted as the best solo number by her.

The title track of the single is used as the theme song for Fuji TV’s drama “Saki”.

All types of the single will contain DVD. MV of “Jane Doe” and “Yabureta Hane” (破れた羽根 – Torn Wings) are both included in all types.

Bonus footage for Type-C is a dialogue between Takahashi Minami and AKB48 general manager Akimoto Yasushi.

It was originally planned as a normal dialogue session.

However, since Mr. Akimoto said the two have little to talk together as they always talk deep through phones or emails, the initial plan was changed.

The final product is titled “Solo debut Commemoration Dialogue, Takahashi Minami X Akimoto Yasushi, Strategic Meeting for 2nd single’s songwriting”.

The story starts from the early days of Takahashi Minami -Audition footage etc.- and depicts her growth through both precious footage from the past and the latest.

source: Oricon