AKB48 Minegishi Minami, the KKS – Miichan talks about “shaving head after the scandal”

  April 23, 2013

1. AKB48 Minegishi Minami, the KKS – Miichan talks about “shaving head after the scandal”

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Minegishi Minami, AKB48’s research student (Kenkyusei), will appear on the cover of women’s magazine “Fujin Koron” (May 7 issue), which went on sale on 22th.

akb48 wrapup minegishi minami shaved head very short hair Fujin Koron japanese magazine front cover

3 months after the scandal and subsequent “head shaving”, which brought huge impact across the globe, she has been on AKB48’s activities with a wing on her head.

This time, for the first time, she revealed her head with a little grown but still very short hair for the cover photo photographed by renowned Photographer Shinoyama Kishin.

In the interview, she expressed her ardent love and the passion for AKB and talked about how she felt at the time of hair-shaving.

Minegishi was reported to have sleepover at Exile’s offshoot group Generations’ member Shirahama Aren’s house at the end of January by Shunkan Bunshu. Soon after the report, she revealed shaved her head on Youtube video where she offered apology. This incident was reported all major news media in the world, and generated enraged and hysteric reactions from people.

Miss. Minegishi appeared at interview room in vivid red one piece dress. Her hair grew a little.

She started the interview with the apology for causing the mess.

Mention having cut her hair with scissors, she said:

“It was not because I was mentally out of control, but it was a result of thinking what I should do to convey my feeling of apology. And I thought I wanted to convey it in a visible form, then, what went through my mind was “Shaving my head””

She also emphasized that her agency didn’t force her to offer an apology.

“Since this is what I decided to do myself, I have no regrets on this.”

But, I have damaged the image of AKB48 as a group. I feel so sad and deeply feel sorry about this”, she apologized.

Shaving head just because breaking “Love Ban Law” has been reported sensationally not only in Japanese media but worldwide.

Most of the reactions are critical:

“This went way too far.” “This is considered as power harassment”

She said:

“Looking back, I think what I did might be an immature and ignorant act.”

Furthermore, she also revealed the reaction of her fellow members, staffs and her family memebrs at the time of incident.

“What broke my heart the most was the fact that I made my parents cry.”

Her parents, especially her mother was shocked as a woman and cried so hard. That was the hardest moment in the whole chain of events.

On the day her youtube apology video was filmed, when Minegishi went home and slipped into bed, her mother came in her room, and shed tears.

“I made my parents feel devastated. It’s my duty to practice Filial piety and make them feel happy.”

On the reason why she dared to go as far as shaving head to stay in the showbiz, she explained:

“There’re countless people who are trying to make a living in Showbiz. But only handful will be recognized by many people. The reason why I could become one of those handful is because I’m a part of AKB48. The reason why I can join variety kinds of work is also because I’m here in AKB48.”

Regarding her hereafter, she said:

“I’ll keep participating in Kenkyusei theater performance as one KKS. I will try my best on the stage so that people sense something has changed big in me. Also, I want people to see me without a wig. Someday I want to graduate AKB48, celebrated by lots of people…. that is my current goal. “

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