SNH48 Cafe: White Valentines Day with SNH48 Members!

  March 8, 2014
SNH48 White Valentines Day

An event organized for White Valentines Day (more commonly known as White Day in Japan) will allow 48 lucky chosen ones (selected by lottery) to spend White Valentines Day with their favourite idols at the SNH48 Cafe!

How Do I get a Lottery Ticket?

Shoppers who spend more than 48 RMB (7.85 USD), from March 7th to March 14th (Before 12 noon, Beijing Time) will each receive a Valentine ticket.

On the event days, March 14th and 15th respectively, fans can exchange their Valentine tickets for lottery tickets (on a 1 to 1 ratio) and submit their entries 1 hour before the theater shows to participate.

As only 300 Valentine tickets are up for grabs, each fan is entitled to a maximum of 5 tickets and must present their SNH48 Passport to be eligible.

48 lucky fans will be selected to spend their White Valentines Day with the members on each day, for a total 96 fans in all!

Even luckier fans may also stand to receive exclusive SNH48 gifts! 


With only 300 tickets in total and 96 fans chosen to spend their White Valentines Day with SNH48 members, the probability of being selected is 30%!

March 14th (White Valentines Day): Team NII’s theater show.

March 15th: Team SII’s theater show.


March 14th:
徐言雨 (Xu YanYu)、易嘉爱 (Yi JiaAi) 、鞠婧祎 (Guo JingWei)、孟玥 (Meng Yue)、黄婷婷 (Huang TingTing)、唐安琪 (Tang AnQi)

March 15th: 
莫寒 (Mo Han)、陈思 (Chen Si)、许佳琪 (Xu JiaQi)、戴萌 (Dai Meng)、孙芮 (Sun Rui)、温晶婕 (Wen JinJie)

Limited SNH48 White Valentines Gifts Packs

On Valentines Day itself, 300 gift packs (A type 80, B type 220) will be randomly sold for 300 RMB.

Gift Pack A will include:

Whereas Gift Pack B will include:

So start saving some money soon for SNH48’s upcoming activities!