48G WrapUp: French Kiss’ 6th Single, Hirata Rina’s 16th birthday, Shinoda Mariko closes shop

  July 16, 2014

French Kiss to release 6th single

French Kiss to release 6th Single, Omoidasenai Hana

French Kiss' 6th Single - Omoidasenai Hana


On 14th of July 2014 – the same day as Kashiwagi Yuki’s 23rd birthday, an announcement was made that French Kiss will be releasing their 6th single after being in hiatus for 2 years ( their last single was Romance Privacy, which was released on the 11th of July. 2012 ).

The new single will be titled Omoidasenai Hana ( 思い出せない花 / “The flower that I couldn’t remember” ) and will be released on the 1st of October 2014.

The song was used in SAVEPOINT -a short 4 episode drama starring Takajo Aki- as the drama’s theme song.

SNS posts from members also confirms that the coupling songs that will be included with the single will be sung solo by each member.

Kashiwagi Yuki   15/07 03:58

French Kiss to release 6th Single, Omoidasenai Hana

Ano ne!!

I have something to say regarding the coupling song of Omoidasenai Hana, our new single that will be released on 10/01.

Each of the French Kiss members have recorded a solo song!♡♡

Takajo Aki   15/07 03:58

French Kiss to release 6th Single, Omoidasenai Hana

Today, I’m finally able to tell everyone this!

French Kiss’ 6th single, Omoidasenai Hana’s coupling song… is a solo song! <3 It's the first time ever that I've sung a solo song ^^ Please look forward to it!! [snip:close-snippet] [snip:line-spacer] [snip:gplus-main avatar="https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/451179750145277953/Md5R0JIj_bigger.jpeg" name="Kuramochi Asuka" date="15/07" time="04:12"] [snip:simple-image imgurl="http://www.akb48wup.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/french-kiss-to-release-6th-single-omoidasenai-hana_04.jpg" imgtitle="French Kiss to release 6th Single, Omoidasenai Hana" alignment="left" maxwidth="80%"] [snip:line-spacer] French Kiss' new song, Omoidasenai Hana, that will be released on the 10/01 What do you know! I will be singing a solo song ♪ What kind of song will it be? Please look forward to it! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Waku waku [snip:close-snippet] [snip:line-spacer] [snip:text-block bgcolor="#fffbfd" bordercolor="#e9b1d3"]Omoidasenai Hana will be released on the 1st of October 2014.
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AKB48 Team B, Hirata Rina turns 16!

AKB48’s bilingual ace and translator-in-charge, Hirata Rina celebrates her 16th birthday today. Hillary ( or Hirari, her Japanese nickname ) was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, USA to an American father and Japanese mother. Her mother’s family is from Kurume, Fukuoka.

Hirata Rina   16/07 08:12

Hirata Rina turns 16!

I finally turn 16 (years old)ー♡

Hopefully after I return to Japan, I will be given more chance to do lots of types of jobs and challenges (o^^o)♡

Also! Apparently today is also the birthday of the person that I adore so much, Mariri! Our birthdays are the same (^◯^)

Mariri, Happy Birthday ♡ Good luck with the stage performance today!

Also, thank you so so much for the mountain of comments ♡

Hirari ー♪

Shinoda Mariko's brand, Ricori, ceases activity

Shinoda Mariko's brand, Ricori, ceases activity

To everyone


To everyone that have supported us

While it might feel that it’s very sudden and unexpected,
on the 15th of July, 2014,
all branches of ricori will be ceasing activity.

For the support that we have received until today,
we offer our deepest gratitude from the heart.

Thank you very much.

Shinoda Mariko launched her brand, ricori, back in February 2013.
After the initial launch of the store in Lumine Est, Shinjuku, the brand also extended itself to two other branches in Shinsaibashi and Umeda HEP Five, Osaka.