[Tumblr Contest] Shade’s AKB48 2014 Janken Taikai Prediction Contest

  August 19, 2014

Credits for the above chart to TiduShoko at Stage48; labelled circles added by Shades for the purpose of this contest.

This tumblr post is taken from: http://48shadesofgay.tumblr.com/post/94881709260/akb48-2014-janken-taikai-prediction-contest-after.

The tumblr contest is hosted by Shades, a certain tumblr user whom I always look forward to for her entertaining and quirky posts. Her posts never fail to delight me and plus, she has the same Kami Oshi as me: Shinoda Mariko. After stumbling across this tumblr contest that she is holding, I just got to share it with everyone! Do note that the entire tumblr post is lifted from her tumblr and hence for the rest of the post, even though it’s written in a first person perspective, it is actually written by Shades.

– Start of Tumblr Post – 

AKB48 2014 Janken Taikai Prediction Contest

After a very fun attempt at this last year, I’m back to do it one more time—this time starting things off well in advance so that everyone who wants may participate.

As you probably know by now, the 5th annual AKB48 Janken Taikai will take place on September 17. 112 members of AKB48 and its sister groups will participate in a rock-paper-scissors tournament, with the winner receiving a solo single release or concert, with 2nd-16th place being featured in a B-side song.

The object of this contest is to accurately guess the outcome of this tournament!

Very heavy details below…

How to Play:

Use the bracket above to help make your picks. When a member makes it to one of the pink lettered circles, she has made it into the top 16. You will need to fill in one name for every letter.

When a member makes it to a blue numbered circle, she has made it into the final 4. Again you will need to fill in one name for each numbered circle.

Finally, you will fill in the gold circle, the winner of the overall tournament.

Please consult the chart carefully and make sure your picks are possible according to the tournament structure.  For example, looking at the list above, it is not possible for both Watanabe Miyuki and Kojima Mako to make the final 4, because their lines would have intersected at the round of 16 and one would be eliminated. If you’re not used to tournament structures to may be helpful to print out a copy and use a highlighter to draw a line for the winner of each match.

Last year I was very lenient and asked people to fix their brackets if there was a logical impossibility in their list. I am anticipating far more entries this year so I simply will not have the time to do this for everybody, but if you are unsure and ask me to do so, I can review your choices and make sure they are valid. Once submitted, all picks are final, logically possible or not.


Once you have all your picks set, please send an e-mail to tumblr48@live.com with the following information. Please use this exact formatting and fill in each letter/number with the selected member for that slot.

Your tumblr URL
Preferred method of contact: choose tumblr or e-mail

Top 16:

Top 4:

Champion: (name here)

Pick a number between 1 and 100: (make sure to include this, this will be used as a tiebreaker)

Basic Rules:

  • Deadline for submission is on September 14, 2014, at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.
  • Limit 1 entry per person. Tumblr account must be provided.
  • Again, please double check your brackets for logical accuracy before submitting. Once submitted, entries are final.
  • I reserve the right to disqualify any entries if rule violation is suspected.
  • Any ties between prize-winning ranks will be broken by drawing a number at random. The person closest to this number in the tiebreaker number they provided above will  win the tie.
  • Prize winners will be contacted within a week of the conclusion of the tournament, and from the point of contact will have one week to declare their prize choice. The timing of prize delivery is subject to change contingent on my own financial circumstances.
  • Contest is not endorsed or sponsored by Tumblr, and I am solely responsible for its administration. Likes, reblogs, and other tumblr social functions are NOT conditions of winning prizes in this contest, though it is recommended to follow this blog as all announcements will be made here.

Finally the fun stuff….


1 point is awarded for each correct top 16 pick.

3 points are awarded for each correct top 4 pick, in addition to the 1 point for selecting that member in the top 16.

5 points are awarded for correctly guessing the champion, in addition to the 3 points for guessing her in the top 4 and 1 point for guessing her in the top 16.

♛ Prizes ♛

All prize values are listed in United States Dollars (USD).

1st place: choice between one of the following:
$40 YesAsia gift certificate
$40 Amazon gift certificate
$40 CDJapan purchase (You will specify what products you want and I will purchase it on your behalf; you must be OK with providing me your mailing address; total purchase price including shipping must not exceed $40 USD)

2nd place: choice between one of the following:
$20 YesAsia gift certificate
$20 Amazon gift certificate

3rd-5th place: choice between one of the following:
$10 YesAsia gift certificate
$10 Amazon gift certificate

Baka Center Award: Awarded to any person who successfully guesses 0 of the top 16 correctly on a logically valid bracket. Choice between one of the following:
$10 YesAsia gift certificate
$10 Amazon gift certificate

Prizes are subject to change. If anyone would like to donate prizes to the pot (ideas include art or writing commissions) I would be happy to include them!

Feel free to reach me with any questions. Good luck, and may this be your “Chance no Junban”!

– End Of Tumblr Post –

Have fun filling up the brackets and do enjoy this year’s Janken Taikai! Remember to send your entries to tumblr48@live.com.

Thank you Shades for hosting this Tumblr Contest!

Personally, I’m rooting for Sayanee to win so that she may get a solo! Who are you guys cheering on to win this year’s Janken Taikai! Let me know in the comments section below 🙂