How to vote in AKB48 New Team Surprise’s “Create a Song” Project!

  August 23, 2014
How to vote in AKB48's Create a Song Project

The voting period for AKB48’s “Create a Song” project has started!

To simply describe the project, basically you get to listen to 8 different melodies ( A – H ) and vote for one of them using your LINE Account.

This “Select a Melody” step is merely the first step in a 6 steps that will lead to a finalized song / performance costume / CD cover that in the end will be performed by the new Team Surprise. It practically will be a song that is created by the fans, if we could say so.

Melodies A – H can be listened to in this playlist

How to vote in AKB48's 'Create a Song' Project!

  • Step 1: Find AKB48 Official LINE Account

    First of all, make sure you have the LINE app installed on your smartphone – download links are available here.

    After it’s finished installing or if you already have it, go to the “Add Friends” tab as pictured on the left.

  • Scroll to the very bottom to find the option to change your country ( “Select another Country” )

  • A list of countries should pop-up – scroll to the very bottom ( again ) to find Japan ( as pictured )

    No, it’s not sorted alphabetically so you won’t find it under J, don’t ask me why they don’t do it that way =.=

  • You should then get a search bar where you can look for the group name. Simply type AKB48 and select the one with the official logo.
  • Step 2: Engage with AKB48 Official LINE Account

    A dialog like pictured on the left should pop-up, select “Chat” from the 3 options provided.

  • Step 3: Open up the Chat

    By now, you should either be taken into the Chat view automatically, or if not, you should be able to find AKB48 Group listed in the lists of chats you have.

  • Step 4: Find the Voting Link

    Scroll to the very bottom to find a post like pictured on the left, click “Check Now

  • Step 5: Vote for your fave melody!

    You should now be presented with a list of melodies and the “Vote” link next to it.

  • Bear in mind that you’ll only be able to vote ONCE – so use your vote for the melody that you really, really like!

    With this, you have now officially be a part of AKB48’s “Create a Song” project – congratulations and thanks for being a part of the project!

Voting closes on the 2nd of September 2014

AKB48 Create a Song Project – TV Commercial

Personally, which melody will you vote for?
Let us know which and why on the comments section below!