2nd Photobook of Yukirin (Yuki Kashiwagi 柏木由紀 ) Detailed Information

  April 3, 2012
(Above photo is 1st Photobook’s front cover)

The announcement comes that Yuriki will give fans her first solo concert on 13th July at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo. Purchaser of her 2nd photobook “ゆ、ゆ、ゆきりん…” will have a chance to win a ticket (total 2,000 fans are invited) for the concert on lottery.

Yuki Kawhiwagi of AKB48 will release her 2nd Photobook titled”Yu,Yu, Yukirin…” 19th Apr. Randomly picked up total 2,000 purchasers will be invited to her first solo concert.
Application Deadline: 15th June
*For detailed information please see obi on the book.
Purchaser of the Photobook can also get a lottery ticket for her first solo concert at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, on 13th July.
The Photobook also comes with
1) Photographs of Yurikin (Limited to the First Edition)

2) QR code for Memorial Movie (Accessible until 19th Oct)

Following her 1st Photobook, which was published 2.5 years ago, this Photobook gives a close look of Yukirin’s On and Off. The Book captures 360 degree of her in all situations such as Cooking, Yoga, Date in Themepark, Onsen trip in her home Kagoshima, and special events in HK and TW.
She tried wide variety of costumes from Bikini to Yukata to School uniform, totaled about 50 different styles, resulting to create real and private feel of Yukirin.
We partnered with Michihiko Yanai (one of top commercial creator in Japan) as a photographer. The result is “More you see, More and More you love her” lovely photobook.

We already confirmed that booking number is thriving, but this announcement must add more push to the sales, possibly the first edition will soon be sold out before the actual release.