‘AKB48+Me For ‘Nintendo 3DS Will Be Released Within This Year

  April 18, 2012

Nintendo 3DS game “AKB48+Me” will be released within 2012, Game Otaku announced.

According to Game-Jijii Shinobi

It’s announced Production company for AKB48-themed game for Nintendo 3DS “AKB48+Me” is not Bandai Namco, which produced it’s PSP version, but Kadokawa Games.

In the game, players become trainee of AKB, and trying to be selected as Senbatsu within 3 years.
The game covers most of AKB-related events from TV appearance to Theater performance to Shake-hands events, Rock-Paper-Scissors competition to the general election.
AKB48 members in the game will appear as Mii not as real person.
Though this game is basically a SLG, in stage performance part, players will play rhythm-action-style game to the group’s famous tunes.
Other features include,

  • Setting the stage to your taste “AKB theatre”
  • Playing mini-games in the story-mode as a stand-alone mode “Member to Asobo”
  • Change your cloths “Oshi-Men Room”

Since he is a Jijii, his metaphor is really old-school (he apologized in the post lol),
nurturing-part looks like “Tanzyo”, the old old game for PC Engine,
and Rhythm-game part looks like “Miku“, stage-customize looks like “Aimasu“,
that said, this game can be described as a mixture of popular features from recent SLG’s great hits.(except “Tanzyo”)
Since it doesn’t use real picture of members, we’d expect users’ average age will be lower,
but since AKB these days are very popular even among elementary school kids, this is gonna be a good move.
Of course I’m a little bit upset since I was looking forward to PS Vita version…
By the way what is Mii?? Yes it’s a sort of Avator. It’s like so basic term that all DS owners know.

Right after this report, AKB fans are throwing comments describing their confusion. Those comments can be summarized in one sentence, “Who can be happy with 2 demension AKB!?!?” Yes, this by no means ca be compared to Miku’s great cuteness in 2 dimension world…

Can you tell your favorite members without description!?!? Takamina looks sooooo Sahiko to me lol