Audition for 14th Generation Starts Accepting Application

  April 18, 2012

AKB48 stats accepting application for their audition to select 14th generation members today 18th, Toga-chan announced.

戸賀崎智信(Togasaki) – 4/18 9:06
We opened application acceptance from today.
We will close the acceptance 30th.

For the details, please refer to official sheet.
Here I want to answer frequent questions from people who are thinking to apply the audition.

①What kind of person will pass the audition?
→There’s no certain criteria.
But if there’s one, I may say no members passed the audition after having challenged the audition for many times.
②I’m not good at dancing or singing. Can I challenge the audition?
→From the beginning, Mr.Akimoto stated that the concept of AKB is “Showing the process of Growth”. That’s why we continue our show at this small theatre.
Takamina, when she was tiny 14 y/o,  she couldn’t dance and had to practice after everyone left,
Atsuko Maeda rejected the recording of her solo portion for “Nagisa no cherry”, crying.
Who AKB48 is looking for is not “Talented people” but who “Never spare the efforts”.
In addition, many people write like “I admire xx-san, it’s my dream to dance with her.” in the application form. But if you “admire” the member, then we think you have no room to grow anymore. We are looking forward to seeing those who want to be who you admire.
This is the first audition since Atsuko Maeda, who has been the center of AKB48 sicne Dec.08.2012.

We can’t wait to see your faces.We will put our best efforts to audition you.

We will announce this in today’s AKBINGO! Please don’t miss it!
Source Toga-chan