Modern YamatoNadeshiko, Yukirin

  April 22, 2012

It is commonly said Asian women are submissive. Well if you still believe this concept, maybe you are still living in 80’s or just people around you are peculiar. Japanese has a word “Yamato Nadeshiko” to vaguely describe an ideal characteristic of woman. It’s has two elements according to my mother. “Inner Strength” and “Outer Softness”. When you look at AKB48, a girl who suits this word “Inner Strength” the most, I think, is Yukirin.
Though “Yamato Nadeshiko” not directly means a trait being attractive to men’s eyes, the word has a comprehensive meaning that can include it. Or I sould say “Yamato Nadeshiko” is a concept to describe an ideal characteristic of women that men should care when he look at women and choose his partner.
Mynavi presented an interesting article on this topic.
They raised 4 “Yamato Nadeshiko” points Yukirin possesses.

Yamato Nadeshiko Point1: Venus of Shake-Hands Event

“She is so famous for her friendly reception at shake-hands event. When in front of fans she always has genuine smile on her face. If AKB members get very popular, it gets difficult to care about each fan. But not for Yukirin. It’s widely known she (as well as Sasahiko) actually remember faces and names of each fan. And even though she is tired, she never let it surfacing outside, always being polite, never forgets smile.”

It’s important especially when you are tired and frustrated to keep caring about others. Your nature will surface when you are in the toughest condition.

Yamato Nadeshiko Point2: Reserved Like Noble Japanese Women In Old Times

“While many members are aggressively trying to go forward to grab opportunities, Yukirn is always reserved and stay calm. She is a captain of team B, but unlike other captains she doesn’t aggressively lead her team. She stays one step back and give a gentle supportive push to members. That is reminiscent of our traditional but ever-lasting image of good Japanese woman. Many of male fans fantasy about if she were my wife, she would support me gently in subtle manner.”

Some people misunderstand this characteristic of Japanese woman with submissiveness. But these two are completely opposite. You can only be reserved when you have a strong, stable inner strength. Reserved girls looked very soft but when you really get to know her, you’ll understand it’s hard to make them do what you want to do since they have their own standards which never wither and knows how to say No gently. But if you treat her an equal partner and are willing to dedicate yourself to her, she will be the most reliable supporter in you life.

Yamato Nadeshiko Point3: Be Elegant, But Sometimes Be Bold

“She looks so clean, neat and elegant when she is reporting weather as a whether caster in TV, while in gravure, she shows different face, which is sexy and bold. In fact she possesses one of the most glamorous body among AKB members. Since she has so perfect body, even girls fans want to buy her photobook.
These contrast  is a ultimate weapon of women when it comes to captivating men’s hearts.”

Maybe this is not only YamatoNadeshiko but in many cultures, having different faces makes a person far more attractive. I instantly pictured Lady Gaga in my mind, who are crazy in spotlight, but actually sympathetic and gentle person in real life.

These days it is commonly said Japanese boys is becoming more feminine and mild while girls is becoming more manly and sharp. But when we look at Yukirin’s enormous popularity among male fans, this our old concept of good women “Yamato Nadeshiko” still attractive to many men in this time period, and Japanese men still love girls who are reserved and staying one step behind, giving gentle support from the back.

Zyonetsu-Tairiku “Occupation: Idol”