Fan report of A6th 目撃者 / Mokugekisha Revue concert of team A on 5th May

  May 6, 2012

Fan report of A6th 目撃者 / Mokugekisha Revue concert of team A on 5th May and one extra story.

Bocchi-kai is not peaceful at all

MC on the stage of the Revue concert.

Harugon I’ve been cooking breakfast with Acchan and Akicha lately.”
Acchan Yeah but I want to set a fixed point camera in our home!!!! Because we’re always quarreling!!”
everyone “What? We thought HitoriBocchi-kai was in friendly mood…”
*Hitoriocchi-kai = group for girls who’re living separately from their family.
Acchan Uhmmm Because Harugon is so childish!”
Harugon We often quarrel over how we cut ingredients!!”
Acchan “(Because Harugon is poor at cutting things up while) Akicha cut fine!!”

Acchan wrote on her blog they cook together early in the morning from around 5AM. Picture they are cooking in such early hours, quarreling each other over how they cut ingredients… it’s funny 🙂

Acchan stole Shiichan’s foundation

Shiichan “I was taken my foundation by Acchan…”

(Shiichan left the stage)

Acchan WHat? Me? To my ears, she said Akicha stole her foundation!! So whose what did I steal??”

(Natsumi(松原夏海) explained what Shiichan said because Acchan didn’t listen to her.)

Acchan That 24‘s foundation?”

(Acchan started bursting into laughter)

Sashiko Acchan, please give her foundation back to her, because she saved up to get it!!”

Acchan I already doodled in it (???)”

Mariko Please buy new one for her (^^)”

Though most fans at the theatre have no idea what she drew on Shiichan’s foundation, they unanimously spoke that Acchan’s laughter was super cute and whole mood of team A was really friendly.

Umechan has wide range of talent

Umechan revealed her new talent that she can do baby-play.

Fans pleasantly reacted with comments like these, “Haha They’re doing Aho things as usual!!” “I want to feed her my milk… though I’m a man…” “Babuuuuuu (´・ω・`) “

“Is this girl a same person as this tiny girl displaying her powerful dance skill in this video?

“This drastic contrast makes us Moe~, just enjoy it!” “It’s hard to grasp her real personality since her personalities ranged in wide variety, but that all the more makes up into her…”