Kayry PamyuPamyu (Katy Perry Certified Musician) Revealed Her Love For Japanese Girl Idols!!

  May 1, 2012

Japanese singer, model, fashion guru Kyary PamyuPanyu recently revealed how she decorates a restroom in her home through her twitter account. The picture she put with her tweet eloquently speaks that this singer is a huge fan of Japanese idol. On the wall of her toilet she put posters of Lovetan, No Sleeves, Sashiko, Mocchi, Mayuyu(in nurse costume!!!) and Momo-Clo. Interestingly Sashiko and Momo-Clo are placed next to each other, somewhat remind fans of the recent incident where Sashiko asked Momo-Clo to join Sashihara-produced Yubi-Matsuri (Idol-festival!).

Carry PamyuPamyu on twitter
Toilet-time is so happy if you’re surrounded by cute girls!
My toilet looks like male high-school student’s room.

(AKB) fans comments includes, “Wait, this is the only material that I can guess her personality. So is she basically same as us?” “So this means Katy Perry is indirectly a fan of AKB!?!? “

Please!! I’m so much in love with this weird world!!!