Kojiharu ‘Yuko, Miichan, 18 Year Later, Let’s Watch Solar Eclipse Together’

  May 22, 2012

From around last night, 2 channel’s “Underground idol section” has been so much heated up as the election was about to start. But after they cast first votes for their Oshi-men, and now they are waiting for tomorrow’s announcement of the early result, there’s a heartwarming moment for Miichan, Nyan and Yuko fans as well as all AKB lovers.

Haruna Kojima on tiwtter
“I promised with Yuko and Miichan that we will watch solar eclipse together in 2030( ̄ー ̄)笑”

This is so touching….

I’m moved….. I was having teary eyes actually….
Thank you so much Nyan-Oshi-san as well!

As Miichan-Oshi, I want to figure out which is Miichan’s hand but I can’t….

Me too…. I guess she has a rounded hand but all hands look round….

Nyan  Miichan
The whitest one is Nyan, and long finger nail is Miichan.

Maybe they were together for the rehearsal of A1th?

18 yeas ago….. Miichan will be 38 y/o then ;))

I love these promises….
In 2030….. Kojiharu and Yuko will be over 40 then…

Though I’m Nyan-Ota, I voted for Miichan, too ;))

Hello! I’m Nyan-Ota, thank you so much for your support for her last year.
Thought Nyan is not safe at all, I could only gave Miichan one vote, but wish best luck for her and you guys!

Thank you so much Nyan-Oshi-san!!
This year I just want to see smiles of all No Sleeves members 🙂

While in KojiYu thread, people are also deeply touched by this beautiful promise and picture.

In 2030… Both KojiYu will be 40 over.. lol
I can’t picture how they will look like when they are 42 y/o.

No matter how old they get, KojiYu will always love each other~.
Because they will meet each other 1300 year later.

(бвб) Let’s watch solar eclipse together 18 year later.
(-∀-`) Definitely.

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