Miorin Lost Her Temper, a NMB member as Izumi Konata from Lacki☆Sta

  May 1, 2012

Today’s topic
1. Miorin Lost Her Temper
2. Momoka Kinoshita of NMB as Izumi Konata from LackiSta

Fresh Lemon Gets Crazy (Too Cute)

In the TV show in which Miorin (Fresh Lemon), Abemari, MiyuMiyu and other 2 members try part time work at 3 different types of stores respectively. At the last portion of the show, from 11:10~, when Abemari and Miyumiyu revealed that they were working at Miron’s favorite clothing brand’s store, Miron got so jealous of them, pronouncing inaudible Japanese, taking her hat and smashed it onto floor. lol

Momka Kinoshita of NMB

NMB’s Momoka Kinoshita often appeared at shake-hands event as Cosplayer. Last weekend, she showed off her cosplay as Izumi Konata from LackiSta. “Konan-channnnnnnnn(^ω^)”

Bravely bared her bellybottun, she said “How do you think this ‘almostyou can see my rib cage’ pose!?” Applause!!