AKB Songs That make you feel so happy with the fact that you’re AKB Ota (vol.2)

  June 20, 2012

Jelousy no alibi

Oh my man….

How awesome Sougen no Kiseki when there’re no noobs!!! How much we can feel the solidarity!!!

I went to Minogashita Kimitachihe 2 live concert series at TDC. If I select from the setlist from the concert… 青春ガールズ/Seishun Girls, Virgin Love and 転がる石になれ/Korogaru Ishi ni Nare are my choices.

But personally I favors 青春のラップタイム/Seishun no Lap Time.

I think they should make songs like Minasan mo Goisshoni more 
Like….. not just Ota call to them but songs where members call to us, too.

The flow of songs from Aishiteraburu to Pinocchio gun to Nakama no Uta in SKE’s Nagoya Gaishi Hall concert were too cool…
I was so impressed that I am convinced people who made the program were truly professionals….

After all, the more MIX, the more fun and excitement.
Personally I live MIX of 月のかたち/Tsuki no Katachi.

涙サプライズ/Namida Surprise
Because they dance like excited Ota in audience area. I really can sesse no border between the stage and audience.

Recently I found アイシテラブル/Aishiteraburu looks fun…

I want to MIX for chorus the part of Aishiteraburu

I feel sentimental when I watched me recorded in some live concert DVD so much enjoying the show….. like… “I haven’t had such a fun lately….”
Maybe this is a bad history of my life to ordinary people, but for me, it’s a part of dear sweet memories.

Anything can be fun if audience are all SKE Ota. I couldn’t imagine we could get so high with Wasshoi E at Gaishi!!!

And…. same can be true to songs like 1!2!3!4! etc. they sound totally different when non-SKE Ota are there.

Because I’m Warota Ota, my favorite song is Seishun no Flag.
I get so excited during the hook where we call to each member. But….. I am afraid that I would still call “Harugon!!” next time…..