Mayu-san is overworking….

  June 20, 2012

・Solo second single
・27th single as one of centers along with Acchan.
・Debut single of Seiyu Senbatsu No Name
…..I am afraid if she will die from overwork….. you know, she must join Akusyukai for all singles…
If they have an intention to have her replace Acchan’s ace position, then I want her to reduce the amount of workload….

Oh…. this is not good….

I would say Sayanee has tougher schedule…

That’s it.
Actually looking at Sayanee, I kinda feel she still have energy to spare…
But I’m confident that if Mayuyu try the same thing as Sayanee, she will break down within a half year.
In AKB48 There is no one like Sayanee who is just too perfect.

If she die from overwork, then it just proves that she is not a person who are qualified to become Ace.

Chikarina will shake hand with you on behalf of Mayuyu!!!

But she doesn’t have other work such as Drama or movies right?

Filming of Drama or movies have a long biding time but also has plenty of break, so she can sleep during the filming session…..

You don’t know how tough the filming of Drama series is!?!?

It reminds me of Acchan in her busiest days…..

Mayuyu’s schedule is nothing compared to Acchan…. it was a murderous schedule….

Yeah… it was hard to see Acchan getting obviously exhausted from overwork….
And even so, once she got sick and absent from shows, Anti never hold back attacking her…. 
But in current AKB48, you guys actually worry about members when they drop and be sympathetic with them. I think it’s nice to see Ota show more human response to members they dislike.
Personally, I agree with this opinion – “Before, you complained about your Oshi-men didn’t get enough promotion, now you complain that she works too much….” lol 

I can understand how hard Mayuyu is pushing herself…..
But still, she doesn’t have mental suffer like Acchan as now all Anti sentiment goes toward that girl…..

That girl…. lol
After all, Warota is the biggest obstacle for her…..

Not Yet can do fine without Yuko or Sashihara, but Warota will be over once it loses Mayuyu.

By the way, this is all par for the course as Cho-Senbatsu members (Members who are way beyond ordinary Senbatsu members). She’d been better taken care because of the one simple reason that she was below 18. From now, they will let her join late time shows and increase the amount of work.

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Before talking about schedule, if she is serious about getting Ace position in AKB48, then she may have no leisure to play a center in subunits.
If Mayuyu would become Ace in AKB48 while she still keep her positions in subunits, then it means Ace position will AKB48 lose it’s significance.
Ace position of AKB48 is not something you can do half heartedly. She must give it everything she has, totally commit to AKB48.

I think she’s done with Warota….. She gotta be replaced by Nattsumii…..

She has been overused since she turned 18 and has become mostly free from regulations imposed by labor law…..
But this is what Sho-Biz is like… it’s gonna be the decisive year for her…

Not that this is how Show-Biz is like…. AKB goes way too far like sweatshops….

I heard the reason why Mayuyu Ota hasn’t been targeted by other men’s Ota despite she has been enjoying the successful career is because her promotion is going on at the same time of folks like Sashihara, Kato Rena or Mitsumune getting huge promotions so that Anti are scattered to those members. And that is all the deliberate strategy of AKB’s management.

I have one thing to say.
Aniti are not scattered, but all concentrated on Sashihara….

As Oshima seems to graduate soon as she’s become already very popular, Sashihara has been deported,  and Maeda announced graduation, next members who will play a role of “sandbag” which takes all attacks from Anti will probably be Mayuyu and Yukirin.

My guess is Shinoda’s speech is supposed to prevent such a situation….
Or do I worry too much?

But….. she has had relatively less Anti compared to other Kami7 members (especially Acchan, Yuko, Yukirin and Tomochin), I can’t imagine that she can bear strong bashing after she becomes a center….

I can never imagine Watanabe is tough enough to be able to take on a role of “sandbag”. But Yukirin may have enough toughness.

Maybe because her appearance will convey very pure and innocent image, she tend to be considered as a very naive girl. But actually she is a kind of member who would be able to turn Anti sentiment into power.
I guess if she sees haters comments, she will become all the more determined to shut their mouths up with her performances. “I will never lost to them!! Never!!!” That’s “my image” of Mayuyu….

Mayuyu has become my angle lately…..

As she gets matured, she has become so attractive lately.
But for this very reason, I want them to care about her, not ill-use her like a dustcloth….

I think it’s too late to worry like that. It’s almost impossible to ask them not to make top members overwork…..

So she will continue MC role in Girls Factory, live singing, make appearance in fashion magazines and star in Majisuka 3…… It’s ridiculous…
Music Fair and Girls Factory, these 2 TV shows which make Ota please the most are actually the toughest among all her work.
And for some reason, Kashiwagi-chan will never have this amount of work….
Members who have performed theater stage the least this year

1st 3stages Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko

3rd 4stages Sashihara Rino
4th 5stages Shinoda Mariko
5th 6stages Watanabe Mayu
6th 7stages Kojima Haruna
7th 9stages Takahashi Minami
8th 10stages Akimoto Sayaka, Itano Tomomi, Miyazawa Sae,
She already ranks top…. she can’t reduce stage appearance anymore….

And she will have a rough skin and bags under eyes…. just like other Senbatsu members….
Actually she had bags in the interview footage on the release of her 2nd single aired yestersay…

Besides, she has a tendency to get thinner during summer….
The thing is…. why she still have to continue handshake event??? She now has enough repertoire to hold solo live concert….. and that will be more than enough as bonus for singles…..
I agree with you. Live concerts will be much more fun and it doesn’t take a grit to join unlike Handshake event for girls.
I hope she will have many chances to appear in Drama! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a main role but it’s alright to play a trivial or daughter’s role. I want to see her in many shows!!
She also can do comedy, so it’s going to be nice to see her play something similar to a role played by Namaka Yukie-san in Trick.

But she rarely updates blog, G+ and Mobame… so I must say at least she should keep in touch with her fans through handshake event….

Anyway….. not only her but I want all the members to take better care of their physical conditions….