Whose Ota damaged the most from AKB48 4th General Election

  June 8, 2012




If I were Rena Ota, I would be impossible to bear this result….

9th Jurina 45,747
10th Rena 42,030
11th Sae 400,261

Rena Matsui on G+ 22:58 2012-06-06

“Thank you for this wonderful result.
Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I will just continue what I’ve done.
Because every is a special day.”

“Why you say, “mortified”, “sad” or “sorry”?
Here I have a ranking, but it’s not that I won somebody or lost to somebody. And no one did a wrong thing, and I’m not mad at all.
I’m really grateful to you.
I’m not content with myself yet, but I don’t have any dissatisfaction with my result.
It’s rather happy that I still have a room to go up, and I’m motivated!!”

“I understand different feelings you have.
Thank you so much for thinking about me….
I’m happy if you trust me and keep your eyes on me…
So.. good night.”

Maybe Takajo?

16th Ayaka Umeda 24,522 (last year: 11860)
17th Aki Takajo 23,083 (31009)
18th Sayaka Yamamoto 23,020 (8697)

I think it’s Rena Ota… Jurina is the last person they want to lose, I guess…

I think it’s Takajo.

It’s hurting that she wasn’t called her name (and ended up being the only member of team A left in audience seats)

I guess it’s Yurikin Ota.


I must say it’s Rena.
Because earlier this year, we all expect the huge leap of Sassy and Rena….

I think it’s Tokumitsu Ota.
Because he was firmly refused by Yuichan.

I think it’s Akicha…..
It’s went to the point that we would see a loss of life….

But it’s by far mild damage compared to Tomochin in the last year.

Don’t forget Kanako Hiramatsu who’s disappeared from the list after ranked in 46th in the early result….

Yeah that’s was something I couldn’t expect…

I think it was a real shock for all regular members of SKE48 who lost to Matsumura.

1. Rena Ota
2. Yukirin Ota
3. Akicha Ota

I was so thrilled with Akicha’s speech she made in extreme state of shock….

I think it’s Shinoda.
If I were her Ota, then I would be mortified by losing to Sashihara by only hundreds of votes
Yeah… I’m Mari Ota and I got me down that she lost to Sassy with such a small lead….

How about Nana Yamada? She ended up with 4th in NMB48, and it’s tough, isn’t it?
And NMB48 will surely have Joe in the next election…

But I think it’s Maachun Ota rather than Nana Ota who are disappointed much.
They were thinking that Maachun would definitely get 3rd position in NMB48, then she ended up in 5th… even lost to Hadouhou….

Nana is actually a member who should be a power forth in NMB48 who can put pressure to Saya and Milky

I think Sayanee and Milky have a different of aura from Nana.
I felt sorry for Nana when I saw her on TV trying to make “blue joke” as her selling point….

Certainly it was heart breaking to see Nana ended up in such a disappointing place…

Among the member in the top ranking positions, Yukirn, Mariko and Rena Ota were shocked the most .
They didn’t imagine their Oshi-men would lost to Mayu, Sashi and J.

What can we do for Rena-chan to go up from this place????
Why Shiichan ranked down so much while she has gradually increased media appearance??

I guess it’s like this.  I’m shocked.

I think those who named Yukirin are stupid or Anti.
Certainly they had a big damage, but it’s not something we can say No.1.
If there are Yukirin Ota who were thinking that Yukirin’s win over Mayuyu will happen in a natural consequence, I think they are even more crazy
I’m Yukirin Ota but I was so scared of the rise of Mayu and Sashihara….

By the way I’m not familiar with Hakata, and I thought Yuukosu was more popular…

They were talking that given the fact that she doesn’t get loud call at theater stages, there’re not that many Ota whose 1-Oshi is Sugamoto.
I’m Sashihara-Oshi, but because of FujiTV’s weird favoritism toward her and because she won the top position of team A which was difficult to imagine even for me, there are so many Anti against her welled up from nowhere…..

lol I remembered Sashihara was team A’s top…

All Ota’s who voted more than 1,000 votes only to fail to see their Oshi-men’s name in the ranking are suffering serious damage….

So members who decreased their number big are,
Komori 32->64
Ohya 29 -> 59
Ohta 25->52
Nitoh 31->55
Nakagawa 24->44

Among the top members, there’re no major fall except Takajo.

But all of those members you listed were more or less expected to rank down.
I thought Ohya, Komori and Lovetan wouldn’t even be called their names, so it’s not something we can say “damage”.
Akicha has been also said to rank down…. but her expression during the speech was so heart breaking. I think her speech conveyed the cruel reality of AKB48 election to the whole nation.
(live broadcasting of election speech started from 16th, so TV viewers didn’t watch Akicha’s speech)

It’s natural Yuko decreased her votes because there was no competition against Acchan, but the thing is…. why Yukirin dropped her votes? I thought her Ota was so enthusiastic about this election…..

This is a mystery for me, too.
And I can’t understand why Mayuyu increased her votes so much from the last year….
Is there any factor for this?

I guess Mayuyu succeeded to gain votes from Children fans, and casual fans.

Yukirin was dubbed Kami at Akusyukai, and this rumor made fans have high expectations.
So it may be something like this – New Ota of Yukirin went to Akusyukai with such high expectations found she was not that amazing as they expected.

It’s not that she lost fans.
Last year, we were expecting some dramatic change and wanted to change the faces of top7 which were dominated by Kami7, and Yukirin was our choice to achieve this goal.
But as a result, nothing particular has happened.
So we gathered our votes for our last hope Sashiko this time, I guess.

For me, it’s Rena or Yukirin
Honestly it was heart breaking because I love both of them…

AKB48 Nationwide tour 2012 “Misato Nonaka on the move, Let’s meet up in all 47 prefectures”

Nonaka should think she could at least become known to people with that title.

What about Tanamin Ota??
She was 64th in the early result…

It’s tough to not be called her name in the final day when she ranked in the early result…

She got over 600 votes in the ealry result.  But at last, even 64th got over 5,000 votes, so it’s impossible to remain without firm fan base and continuous support from Ota.

1. Takajo, who lost 8,000 votes from the last election and failed to be Senbatsu.
2. Rena, who had thought every factors indicate her decisive winning over Jurina.
3. Yukirin, who was thought to be the rival of Yuko, but ended up decreasing 3,000 votes and even lost to Mayuyu.

If it were decrease of hundreds votes, then it doesn’t matter so much,
but if it were thousands of votes, it may have catastrophic damage to them….

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