Fun stuff: apparent old header:

Wingom: From the looks of the site, it appears that it is a Mobile Trading Card Game (Using Augmented Reality). Also looks like it is only for Japan.

There is already an Android App in the Google Play Store (A lite version):

Description in Play Store:

This is AKB48’s first Trading Card Game “AKB48 Trading Card Game and Collection” which features Augmented Reality (AR).
You can use the AR with Limitedly Distributed Promotion Cards and posters at the counters of stores.
The various displayed ARs will be dependant on the types of posters and cards.

Also, in this app, we’re currently accepting free pre-registrations for the official (or full) app.
The ones that register will, in the official app, receive Limited Edition Cards as a present!

☆You can only get the Limited Edition Cards by pre-registering, so don’t miss out!☆

Newest Updates here:
Look for the official app after the release of the cards, but searching for “AR48“.

Top button: Poster AR
Bottom button: Card AR
Top of 3 buttons: Pre-registration, free, and get a set of cards with all the members!
2nd: Look at AR (with Camera)
3rd: Look at newest information
Main screen after you pre-register 😉

The iOS app will soon be released.