1st Episode of Kojima Haruna starring Drama ”Megutan-tte Mahou Tsukaeruno?”

  July 7, 2012

Tano Yuka: “I took a fleeting glimpse of panty(Д)。。”

Tano Yuka: “Come on!! Where you guys are looking at(’・ω・‘)”
Nakaya Sayaka “I couldn’t watch a Panty Flash scene because I wasn’t wearing glasses when the scene was being aired….” 
Did you see the Drama…(бвб)? lol

It’s also the first time for me to watch the Drama, so my heart was pounding as I watched it! It was cute… Please watch the next episode, too!!(=σωσ=)

Ota’s reactions (will soon be updated)

I think Megutan’s role suits Kojiharu.
I’m looking forward to the next episode.
This is a perfect Drama to watch without thinking anything on a Saturday mid-night.
It has a loose mood with a bit of eroticism…
 My understanding of Panty flash is in a more subtle manner….. This is like “Full opened!!”
So this panty flash is kind of…. sort of…. a variation of Homage of what we call Maicching Machiko-sensei?
Original Maicching Machiko
Various versions of Maicching Machiko in modern times

This Drama is interesting!
Kojima-san is a ham actress in the Drama but it suits her character!

I think this is more like a comedy than a Drama.
She said she wants to do “Classy Flitting skirt and show Panty” but at least I don’t think this is classy…. lol
Actually I think it’s not a panty but her a little poochy belly that is Ero…..
Anyway, I have nothing to complain about this Drama.
For me, this is the Drama that I can just enjoy Kojima-san’s cute appearance.
Whether or not this Drama can fully display Kojima-san’s charm is up to other actors.
I want to see this cooking scene more where she is not acting but just being her natural self!! 

It’s unbelievable that a top idol who is at the peak of her popularity does this….!!
Usually this is a kind of role that she plays when she was struggling to gain popularity and would be removed from the record after she gets popular…..

Ending theme song of this Drama is い~んじゃね(I~njane?) by ノースリーブス.
Written by Akimoto Yasushi, Composed by Inoue Yoshimasa