Please educate me what Reformation/Sokaku in 2009~2010 was about?

  July 18, 2012

Was that such a huge event that they changed their teams?
How did Tomochin or Miichan react to this reformation/Sokaku??

Before Togasaki appeared on the stage and started to announce the names of captains, members were just casually smiling on the stage, but around when Yukirin was named the captain of team B, people started wondering what would happen to Cindy.

Afterwards, there were members who were ordered to move to SDN, or to change their teams…. It was just too real and cruel, and there was no room to smile.

Feel sorry if you don’t like Sashihara, but you can roughly understand what the mood was at that time from this video.

Okay this veteran Ota have come to here after a long time.
Are there any person who can explain about this more properly?
Sokaku was the event…

1. In order to level up each team that had relegated to “Friends clubs” in lukewarm mood.
2. In order to fully transfer older members to SDN48.
3. In order to resolve problems between veteran Ota.

Management held at the end of the Budokan concert, August 23, 2009.

Itano and Minegishi who were ordered to transfer to team K from A,
Kasai who was decided to transfer to team B from K,
Ohori from team K to SDN48…. These girls had enormous shocks…
Needless to say, veteran Ota whose Oshimen were transferred to other teams got tremendous shock too.

The new Stage for the new teams reorganized after Sokaku were scheduled to start within 2009, but overdue from a variety of reasons.
After all, it started with 6th “RESET” by team K on March 12, 2012, then 5th “Goddess of theater” on May 21 in the same year. Team A started 6th “Mokugekisha (Witness)” on July 6, the same year.
Initially, members were unable to accept it as they had been shocked so much, but in the course of 2 years of performance of the new Stages, they have gradually gotten used to their new teams.
But even now, 2 years after the Shonichi (debut day) of new Stage, some members still think that old teams were better, I guess.

You should do your own research on the internet, from books for the rest of information.
There have been many events that might shake the foundation of AKB48 lately, such as graduation of Acchan or Sashihara’s transfer, but veterans and noobs gotta help each other to support and enliven this group.

I was so surprised when I first  know recently  that Lovetan was one of team B’s Ace after Mayuyu and Yukirin….

Why Mayuyu nauseated so much?

Because all Ota 4 members left the team B. ON top of that, even Cindy left the team.

So I made the list of members who have remained in the same team. Is this correct?
■Team A
Takahashi, Maeda, Shinoda, Kojima
Team K
Akimoto, Umeda, Oshima, Ono, Miyazawa
Team B
Kashiwagi, Watanabe

↑A Takajo and Nakata

↑x2 Nacchan

And is that true that only members who transferred to SDN were noticed in advance??

↑ That what is written in the official book.

So what will happen in Tokyo dome concert….?

Acchan’s graduation and Sokaku….. This concert will probably drain all energy from me….