Tell me your Best Favorite Costume of 48 Groups!

  July 6, 2012

Honestly sometimes I’m more interested in their costumes than members themselves….
Among recent songs, I love Kataomoi Finally the best!!

A1st’s Lolicon costume!
All three girls are nice!!
Seifuku Resistance!!

アイドルなんて呼ばないで  (Idol nante Yobanaide)
And… Nezumi-san puttin’ on Timberlands boots.
スカートひらり (Skirt Hirari)

1234 ヨロシク (Yoroshiku)

Heavy Rotation

If you talk about singles, I love Iiwake Maybe.
It’s like a symbolic costume for AKB. AKB’s costume = Iiwakae Maybe, that’s it.

MARIA, perhaps?
I’m an idiot… Though I’m always like “Their costumes are so cute~~!!”, I can’t name anything specific when I think about what costume exactly I like….. I’m an idiot…..

僕だけのValue (Bokudakeno Value)

Black x White checked pattern costume they wore for the movie premier.

2011~ singles costumes
Sakuragi’s Pink costume (Sakuragi: 桜の木になろう/Sakura no Kininraou)

 Sakuragi’s check pattern costume

Darekano Tameni, white costume
 Everyday Katyucha, navy costume.

 Everyday Katyucha, Orange costume

Flying Get, red 

 Flying Get, gold

 Flying Get, Checked pattern (Unveiled at Music Station)

 Flying Get, flower  (Unveiled at Music Station)

Kazeha Fuiteiru, black

Kazeha Fuiteiru, numeric

Kazeha Fuiteiru, blue (Unveiled at Best Hit 歌謡祭)

For medley, Fluff Fluff(?) style costume (Unveiled at Best Hit 歌謡祭)

Heavy Rotation, Neko-Mimi (FNS)

Kazeha Futeiru, camouflage style (FNZ)

Everyday Katyucha, marine costume (FNS)

Uekara Mariko, red

Uekara Mariko, white (Mステ)

GM5, red checked pattern

GM5, deep blue

Formal costume, grey x black

Manatsu no SG

After all, Shiokaze no Shoutaijo is the best…

A6th Encore costume


Their costume for Music Station will convey how they see the TV program a huge opportunity for media exposure to millions of people….

This one, and Choose Me’s costume.

Hevi-Rote, Denim version.
Team B Oshi
and….. K member’s costume for this year’s election. (reference)

B5th Encore costume,
A5th Encore costume
K4 capacity

After all, for me, Record Taisho is the best.

Ogoe Diamond  (Blazer ver.)

Mayuyu’s costume for this year’s team B Stage

Anyway I want them to release “Costume encyclopedia”…

Heavy Rotation (Denim, Napoleon Jacket, Neko-Mimi)
Ponytail to Chuchu
and I love their costume for Kaze ha Fuiteiru

I love Namba’s blue panther pattern!!

As for Heavy Rotation, I love that black Napoleon Jacket as a costume.
Neko Mimi (Cat’s ear) is nice for live concerts but it’s just too awkward for TV programs lol

I love SKE’s costumes they wore at SSA concert in March.

Pareo ha Emerald!!

Mini Skirt no Yousei…. It’s deadly cute…. Tano-chan Tano-chan~~~!!

I forgot what TV program, but they wore blue costume for Flying Get…. Or Heavy Rotation??

This one??
Flying Get (Blue)

Nothing can beat Okidoki’s glitz and glitter.

NMB’s Noko costumes for MinMinDaha. Damn cute!!

Junen Zakura, Kuroi Tenshi, Uekara Mariko
and…. Maria.

Heavy Rotation (Black Napoleon Jackets)

Enkyori Poster and Nagareboshi

That homeless like costume for Saishu Bell, and Darui Kanji?

↑ LOL According to Okaro, costumes for Saishu Bell is “Attached ragged clothes”. I like them too.

They have more red-checked-pattern costumes listed here..
Iiwake Maybe
Skirt Hirari
Chuou Meguro SenYellow line

Over all, I prefer micro mini shorts to skirts.

↑Maybe a little bit different but how about this one?

A5th AKB Sanjo

Speaking of SKE, I like the costume they wore at SSA

AKB …. Iiwake
SKE …. Pareo
NMB … Kessyou (Fairy version)
Kessyou (Coupling to Oh My Gaa! type A)

Their costumes for Dareka no Tameni are made by CONOMi and we could buy the same one at their shops.
So they sometimes use non-original clothes for their costumes, right?
Costume for SKE’s Coupling song Nante Ginga ha Akaruindarou is made by Goth brand called ATELIER BOZ, I think?
Though in this case it was nice to choose ready-made products rather than making cosplay-costume like original clothes….
I think costume for AKB Kagekidan is also made by that brand.

They chose ready-made costumes for Kareha, too. Sakuragi’s corsets are also ready-made. Both are made by EXCENTIQUE.
I like costumes they wore in FNS, Christmas season.
My daughter chose Beginner’s costume key-holder. She said she likes it the best

Banzai Venus. I somehow feel the costume for this song is gorgeous.

Keibetsu siteita Aijo.
I like simple costumes!

隣人は傷つかない (Rinjin ha Kizutsukanai)


I love black costumes which have cool, gorgeous and classy taste. 

I love team B’s costume that look like musical instruments.

You mean Rennai Circus? I love it too!

Certainly many of team B’s costumes are cute.
Personally I love the costumes for Yobisute Fantasy

Piano costume (Renai Circus)

Heavy Rotation’s Napoleon Jackets are so Kawaii!!

I also like team B’s new costume… this one with dotted pattern!!

And I love costumes that change textures and colors in different lighting!!
This costume is themed on Alice, the said.