Haruka-san is already getting along with JKT perfectly fine!!

  August 27, 2012
Nakagawa Haruka 8/26 1:04am

I just got out of my bath!
I am stretching now!!!

I have muscle aches.

Although it is a little bit belated for me to say this, but Takamina, congratulations on your solo debut!
It made me cry. I cried tears of joy.
I hope you become a wonderful singer!!

Today I spoke with the members from JKT48!! Although we still have a language barrier, people around us are saying that we are getting along perfectly that it doesn’t matter♪

They are all cheerful and sweet~~!!

They are all sweet and full of energy!

Good night.


Nakagawa Haruka 8/26 12:57am


The last 3 days were so fun!! And, I, Nakagawa Haruka, will transfer to JKT48! I’m already getting along with them perfectly♪

Together with members of JKT, I hope we can make it a cheefrul and lively group♪

But for the time being, I gotta enjoy the rest of A6th, because it’s not finished yet!


LOL She’s already gotten along with them!? That’s what we expect from Haruka.

Oh Gonsan! Don’t rush alone~~~!! Please take your journey with Akicha~~ lol

Haruka-san’s communication skill is so awesome. It deserves our respect!

Unlike my image, JKT members don’t look like Gaijin that much. Chirs or AbeMari far more look Gaijin!?

Third from the right in the rearmost row (Ghaida) somehow looks like Kaoru….

My eyes are glued to the boobs of the member to the left of Haruka-san….