The final appearance of AKB’s Maeda Atsuko at Music Station ~ her words after the show

  August 18, 2012

For today’s Music Station… Acchan’s final appearance for the program, Acchan sang Yume no Kawa along with Senbatdu members.
Before the performance, she made a speech to fans. Takamima, Mariko shedding tears, everyone had teary eyes.
It was like most of the audience there were AKB fans. Acchan’s eyes grew moist as they sent passionate chant (MIX) during the performance of Ponytail to Chouchou. Acchan got so emotional when she was singing Yume no Kawa but she looked straight at audience a couple of times as if she tried to burn their faces into memories.
The song ended with Takamima pushed Acchan’s shoulder as she steps forward, Yuko and all other members were standing behind her, gently gazing at her.
In the ending of the show, Tamori-San handed Acchan flower bouquet celebrating her last appearance as a member of AKB for the show, the first Music TV program that AKB48 appeared.

Maeda Atsuko graduation special setlist 8/17 broadcast of Music Station

1. Flying Get
2. Ponytail to ChouChou
3. Yume no Kawa

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Thank you so much for sharing this!!

Acchan…. You gave it your all, Acchan….

It’s her special charm that even this sentimental moments can be heartwarming somewhat….

And…. She called AKB48, “her family”….
Man… Tears’re flowing out again…

I read this texts after I watched Music Station….

Man… I can’t stop tears flowing out…
I just can’t put it into proper words… It goes beyond words…
I’d been crying so hard since when they started performing Ponytail to ChouChou…


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