Tokyo Dome Concert – Shonichi (The Day One) ~ Message from Yasusu to the leader (and 4 more)

  August 24, 2012

Tokyo Dome Concert – Shonichi (The Day One) ~ Message from Yasusu to the leader


There was a member who couldn’t remember choreography as smooth as others could, and used to practice for extended period.

She might have looked a hopeless student to people’s eyes.

But she’s never whined,

She had kept calmly practicing in front of a mirror.

She believed that “Efforts will definitely be rewarded.”

Once I encountered the scene where she was teaching Choreography to her juniors.

“Because I had a difficulty in choreography, I can feel their feelings.”

She shyly made an excuse.

She has just naturally become a leader of AKB48.

You don’t need to possess special talents.

She can feel others pain. That’s what’s needed to be a leader.


Akimoto Yasushi



“AKB Has Proved That Efforts Will Be Definitely Rewarded”


AKB48 Tokyo Dome Concert, They will bring Surprise from the first day!?

Okay, today is Friday, which means “today” they will make some major surprise announcement!?

Obviously, AKB’s management has already informed NTV about something interesting….

844K people applied to AKB’s Tokyo Dome concerts

Puccho again will launch weird Ad campaign feat. AKB members….


HKT is on the verge of falling apart!?

Only 13 members? It’s somehow like AKB’s early period…..

And that’s why they’ve made the system of “Under”, but HKT48 now even doesn’t have Under Girls…

When “Under girls” system still didn’t exist, team K girls used to perform with only 13 members….

And they have now 34 members of 2th generation?

Yeah, but still their positions are tentative.

There was a moment when 5 members of team A left the group at once, but they’ve overcome it and brought huge success to AKB48. Don’t worry, if it’s a destiny, HKT can do the same.

He likes to push girls to their limits…. Don’t forget the fact that Yasusu is a super sadist….