Mitsumune Kaoru won’t participate in all 3 days of TOKYO Dome concert due to bad health condition (and one more topic about Yukarun)

  August 23, 2012

Oh come on…. Tomorrow is the day when Mittu and Tomu’s promotion to team A will be announced….

She has been getting so skinny lately. She has been busy with the filming for movies,
Probably it’s overworking… and malnutrition…

↑ She once said she only has 1000yen (abut 12USD) in her wallet….. Guys, we need to give her meat as a gift instead of pretty, shiny things.

She had been to China, right? I think it’s partly because of fatigue and foods there.

Officially it was announced that she withdraw from TD concert for being in a bad condition, but it’s Kaoru, I think she has pushed herself too much…. Guys, even we can’t know the real reason, so, we gotta just support her. Personally this is shocking news because now I’m on a midnight bus, heading for Tokyo to attend the concert…. But yeah, the person who feels the most frustrated with this is none other than Kaoru herself…

Kaoru, don’t blame yourself too much.
Please think about yourself for now.
Take a rest, please don’t make us worried anymore…

I was anticipating the announcement of her promotion to team A so much…..
She can’t be present when her promotion will be announced…. It’s very sad….

We belatedly discovered that Sasaki Yukari aka Yukarun has such nice big boobs

Man, I got so much energy in this Thursday early morning…

Yukarun is young but somehow has a sexy aura of matured woman….. How do I put it… it’s kinda like Eros…

It’s not only her boobs but her thighs are so sexy, too!!  She is such a promising member, isn’t she!?

You should never forget this when you talk about this topic about this girl.

This sheer contrast between Juri (totally flat) and Yukarun….

She has just turned 17, a high school girl…..
I think she has such a huge potential. She is cute, too. I hope she will be noticed by more people.

Is this her usual posture? I mean she looks so hunched.

Maybe because of the weight of her boobs….?

Please remember this girl. She is in the center-left.

By the way, her boobs have been famous since the swim-suits segment of Ariyoshi Kyowakoku.

Uhmmm she may be posing a threat to Kashiwagi as both are….

She took the picture in the same place as Kawaei. But… look the difference…

Nattun, Yukarun, Wakanyan….. 12gen are soooooo captivating!!