(Updated) KKS Screening Selection Notice – i.e. who will be kicked out

  August 5, 2012

Kenkyuusei Screening Selection Notice  
2012-08-03 20:52:41 

We temporarily did not carry out the “KKS Screening Selection” from last year. But tomorrow on the 4th of August, we’ll carry out a screening on the 12th and 13th generation KKS.

As for the results, we’ll announce them on our blog and Google+ after the concert tomorrow.

We kindly ask for your understanding.

Source: AKB48 Official Blog

Do 9th gen as well.

Sasaki (Yukari) had better remain!

Seriously…? This is bad… even if it isn’t my own oshi.

Aren’t the 12th and 13th gen girls part of the Golden Age?

Possible Candidates :
武藤十夢   佐々木優佳里 
平田梨奈   大森美優 

江口愛実 Eguchi Aimi (not really)

光宗薫    岩立沙穂 
篠崎彩奈   茂木忍 
高島祐利奈  北澤早紀 
村山彩希   雨宮舞夏 
長谷川晴奈  渡邊寧々 
相笠萌    森山さくら 
大島涼花   岡田彩花 
北汐莉    梅田綾乃 

Update: Results are Out!!!

Members who’ve passed the selection

12th Gen: Saeed, Yukarun, Hirata, Tomu, Miyupon

13th Gen: Aigasa, Iwatate, Umeda, Oshima, Okada, Kitazawa, Shinozaki, Takashima,
Murayama, Mogi, Mitsumune