Yuuko’s hand is found groping yukirin’s oppai in Shukan Playboy! LoL

  August 20, 2012

Didn’t realise it till just now! LoL
This is not fair lol


What is her hand doing there

Envy, Envy, Envy

Mayuyu should grope her right oppai, while yuuko grope her left’s

↓Yuuko’s expression on this photo is shaped like π

it turns out she makes her first move

Yukirin has given up, since she was surrounded by mayuyu and yuuko, 2 people who loved to touch her very much

The touch itself is not harmful LoL
but i can’t say because Yukirin is still a human

It is easy to imagine the aftermath of this fuss.

it makes me really want to pinch her neck

When yuuko circling yukirin with her feet, while touching yukirin’s oppai
she will turn into a pot of golds, and puking rainbow

I forgot to buy that issue, thanks for the thread

■Playboy 27 August 2012 Issue



■BIMB September 2012 Issue