TBS News featured SNH48 audition, AKB48's challenge in China

  September 28, 2012

SNH Audition

Wow applicants are so cute!!
If it's hard to launch a group in Shanghai, how about let the
group based in Hong Kong for the time being?

They are cute, and their performance is better than
I may be going to be SNH48-Oshi.

Due to Anti Japan protest, around half of applicants didn't
show up in the audition……

This girl sucking a finger is so cute!!!

Watching the TV news, I had an impression SNH48 is
completely doomed….
What if it's gonna be lie real 0048 LOL

↑That would be interesting LOL
It actually sounds resonable as starting memebrs of SNH48
include Sae, the fighing idol LOL

↑And armed Ota fighters will protect them.

Red Necktie.

Red Necktie is kinda like Kaoru type of girl?

I think some of them will surely transfer to HQ when they're
that cute, skilled and motivated!!

Looks like most of them are a daughters of rich families….
What I want to see is a Cinderella story where poor girls
from remote village will realize her dream…

That's what I feel…..
If someone from poor villages in Tibet passed the audition,
and become a Center of SNH48,
They will be able to the real idol that can deliver real hope
and courage to the world….

The girl who looks like Hata-san was so cute



  1. blacknezumi says:

    Actually, the girl who is sucking hers fingers look like she is lost and confused of what is going on.

  2. Guest says:

    red nectie girl looks like tsubasa amami @_@.

  3. Ryvius Jr says:

    red necktie girl look like tsubasa amami

  4. Gipsy Ng says:

    red necktie! she looks cute~

  5. cryt says:

    That Cinderella situation seems unlikely…. I don’t think anybody outside the east coast metro cities have even heard of AKB48, so it’s not unexpected that alot of the girls are rich, have free time, and are able to dress nicely.

    I think many of the girls chosen will be very talented (singing and dancing), multilingual like JKT members, and know how to handle good PR. They got so many auditions, higher chance of awesome girls applying, and they can’t really afford any bashing in this political atmosphere.

    The video is really informative and positive. So many of the girls got started from Japanese anime lol, and you can tell they really respect and love AKB. The fact that they can understand and appreciate a genre as niche and foreign as Japanese idol shows they’re not just mediocre people looking for quick fame.

    I’m betting girls from Chengdu 成都, the most western city on the map in the video, will be picked.

  6. Aoi says:

    Looking at the girl with the red neck tie…. she looks like shes going to kick someones ass xD