Music Video of HKT48’s Debut Single “Ski! Ski! Skip!” unveiled! Center for the title song is…..

  February 14, 2013

Following the announcement of the title of the upcoming debut single of HKT48, the youngest sister of 48 group, which is “Ski! Ski! Skip!” (スキ!スキ!スキップ! – Love! Love! Skip!), the group unveiled the single’s cover artworks today.

The biggest surprise is….. look at the photos…. Yes, it’s Tashima Meru, the 2nd generation member and Kenkyusei of HKT48, who is chosen as Center for the title song of HKT48’s debut single at the tender age of 13(!). Which means, Tashima Meru, who is dubbed “Second-Coming of Matsui Jurina” by Akimoto Yasushi, is chosen over 1st generation members who’ve joined the group since it’s birth in November 2011, and transferred members from AKB48, Sashihara Rino and Ohta Aika.

According to Universal Music Japan, the record label for the group, “Ski! Ski! Skip!” has a pop tune feel which fits to mark the memorable start of the fresh girls group, whose average age is only 15, the youngest of all 48 groups.

Despite the fact that she now carries great expectation from people, Tashima brightly said “This is a wonderful song that everyone can enjoy together. And it’s a musical piece which really cheers us up!” Kodama Haruka (16) and Miyawaki Sakura (14), the 1st generation members who have a history of being chosen for Senbatsu in previous singles of AKB48, are playing supporting roles bring up strong support for the fresh rising star.

“The song is bursting with sprung rhythms. It makes you smile, happy and you can get energy from listening to it!

The choreography includes us moving like we’re skipping, hope you pay attention to the part!”, Kodama says.

“I think this is a kind of song that makes you hum after listening to it. So I hope you listen to the song when you commute to work or school.” Miyawaki says.

The music video was pre-released for theater visitors on 13th, at HKT48 theater. Impressive scenes from MV fans are buzzing about include the one where members are all covered in soap bubbles, and the skipping dance scene Kodama mentioned.




Theater Version (劇場版 – Gekijo-Ban)

For more official information, visit HKT Official – Discography page or Universal Music HKT48

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