[ Bunshun ] AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki joined a midnight party with young soccer players

  February 5, 2013

Rusting “Iron Rule”, AKB Kashiwagi Yuki’s midnight dating party – The photos of participants leaving the building where the karaoke bar resides, were taken at 7:45 am on January 12

Kashiwagi Yuki, a popular member of the idol group AKB48, joined a dating party with professional soccer players in the midnight of January 12.

Weekly tabloid magainze Shunkan Bunshun published a photo of them partying.

It may cause controversy since Kashiwagi Yuki is known for her clean and pure image among fans.

Members who joined the party along with Kashiwagi were Minegishi Minami, the girl who’s been in a center of attention right now, and 明日花 Kirara, a porno actress.

The male partners for them in the dating party include Ogiwara Takahiro(21) and Sugimoto Kenyu(20), both were London Olympic representatives in soccer.

Kashiwagi’s agency admitted the fact that Kashiwagi joined the party, but insisted that “she wan’t informed that the party had male participants in advance, as well as the porno actress.” while Minegishi’s agency stated “it was not a dating party. We were told that it was a meal meeting with only female participants”



Fans reactions:

“I just finished reading the article. It’s nothing more than a dinner party of famous people www”

“So the longer version of the article says Minegishi left the party at 3 am. And I wished Yukirin went back home with Minegishi….. As being left alone with a porno actress and men may cause a nasty rumor…..”

“They just ban relationship, not enjoying a dinner party. I think that’s why Oshima didn’t get any penalty last time….”