4 topics: Watanabe Mayu’s 2nd photobook will be released on April 19th

  March 8, 2013

Minarun: My face is plain-looking. Don’t you think so?

I don’t like this plain face(´・-・`)

Minarun: Somehow, I feel like to make my face more gorgeous.

Even though I change my make-up, my face won’t look gorgeous.

Do you know whyー(´・-・`)

Minarun: No, it’s not that I feel depressed or melancholic,

But I just thought like this when I was putting make-up yesterday.

Like, “Is my face look too plain?” 

Minarun: But yeah, everyone, thank you so much for encouraging comments!

Kobayashi Marina: No~~~ You look so cute! ( ^ω^ )


So naturally one question arises. Whose face does Ohba think look gorgeous?


Minarun: Everyone, I’m sorry for making you feel worried.

But, these days, I would like to have a face like Murashige Anna.

But since it will never happen, I gave up.


Minarun: Guys, girls are born to admire Eurasian looks!

Definitely, more or less, almost everyone has their favorite face type.

And probably it’s true if we ask billions of people their favorite faces, it converges to Eurasian looks?

Good Luck Murashige! Make the most of your advantage!