AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 100 Bonus Iteam “Desktop Photo Stand” Revealed!

  April 13, 2013

The bonus items for this year’s Request Hour Setlist Best 100 are revealed on 12th. It turned out they’re desk stands themed on songs that won top 10 spots in the event.

Although for the past DVD and Blue Ray releases for this event, they chose costumes of the musical pieces that won top 3 places (only for “special BOX”), the members who played the center of the top 3 musical pieces appear on a product package this time.The bonus for the first press include 148 pages Photobook, which introduces all 100 songs in photo format, desktop photo stand which features one of the top 10 songs, and 5 photos. Photos and photo stand are randomly selected and packed.

For fans of Oshima Yuko, who played Center for 2 of top 10 songs in 2013’s Request Hour, “Nakinagara Hohoende (Smiling in tears)” and “Heavy Rotation”, both have their own desktop photo stands.

*1  Hashire! Penguin (Run! Penguin) => Shimazaki Haruka

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*2 Kiseki ha Maniawanai (Miracle won’t come in time) => Miyazawa Sae

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miyazawa sae

*3 Uekara Mariko (Mariko from above) => Shinoda Mariko

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uekara mariko shinoda mariko

*4 heavy-rotation => Oshima Yuko

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*5 Mushi no ballade (Ballade of Worm) => Akimoto Sayaka8950d134 2650d420

*6 darling Natasha => Sashihara Rino

*7 team B Oshi => Mayu Watanabe (or Yuki Kashiwagi)

*8 Yokaze no Shiwaza => Kashiwagi Yuki

*9 Yume no Kawa (River in the Dream) => Takahashi Minami (or Maeda Atsuko)

*10 Nakinagara Hohoende (Smiling in tears) => Oshima Yuko