Kojima Haruna hints her graduation, Oshima Yuko cries at Akimoto Sayaka’s graduation concert

  August 23, 2013

last night, Tokyo Dome was literally sea of green, the team K’s theme color. It’s one of the miracles that AKB48 and it’s fans brought to this earth. This time it was made by mere 100 of Akimoto Sayaka Oshi, who arranged the encore and these tens of thousands of glow sticks.


green glow sticks Okaro fans offered to tens of thousands of fans at Tokyo Dome, printed message is a lyric from “Sougen no Kiseki”


brochure says “Plz turn on green glow stick during encore when she sings her solo number Mushi no Ballad”


Sea of Green, The Team K color

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TGSK 8/22 20:32

Encore: Fans are chanting “Sayaka”.
The Dome is lit green by countless glow sticks 100 of volunteer Okaro Oshi prepared for today.

It’s moving. This re-assured me strong bond between fans and members that lies beneath AKB48. My heartfelt thank you to them.

They proved that what she has been doing over the years is worth it after all.



Move the cursor to 9:38, you can see Yuko crying so hard during the show



Yuko: That “Sayaka” call was the biggest encore chant I’ve ever experienced. She’d been sort of maverick and broaden horizon for 48G.

I’d never imagined one day she would graduate at Tokyo Dome. Never heard “Sayaka” chant that big either

 It was great to hear fans greatest chant for Sayaka, As I was feeling so happy for her to have such a warm graduation concert with this many people, tears were flowing out.



Takamina: No one can substitute Sayaka. Over these 7.5 years we’ve spent together, I never heard her whine. She moves forward and so do we.

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