AKB TOKYO Dome Concert – day one [1/2]

  August 24, 2012

Tokyo Dome on 9:00am, Aug 24

So many fans has already formed long lines to purchase AKB official goods like Oshi towels, glow sticks etc. (you can see the details on AKB’s official goods planning room’s G+) Despite the fact that the sun has been so strong since the early morning.

The only item that you can purchase without any waiting time is Official Mook (Book + Magazine)  of AKB TOKYO Dome concert.


AKB official goods planning room 8/24 4:30pm

☆This is the list of items that have already sold out as of 3:30pm☆

The following items have been sold out for today. (but we will stock items for tomorrow)


Sasaki Yukari

Aigasa Moe

Iwadate Saho

Oshima  Ryoka

Takashima Yurina

Mitsumune Kaoru

Murayama Yuiri

【Charity T-Shirts】

Size S

That’s all. It’s so hot today. Please take care of yourself so that you won’t suffer heatstroke, and have fun!!



Around 2:00pm at TOKYO Dome.

People are waiting in ridiculously long lines to purchase items. Estimated waiting time is announced 4 hours, which means if you attend the concert, you need to purchase goods on a different day, otherwise, you may miss the concert~~ >ω<;

Togasaki Tomonobu Aug 24 4:31pm

Entry to the Dome Stadium has started.



Yuasa Hiroshi 8/24 4:54pm

Finally we’ll start THE DOKYO DOME CONCERT!!!!

Let’s have a good Ramen before we set out to the big work!!



The Stage floor in the arena is shaped in a cross. Many fans have reported that there is a strict identification to detect those who try to enter with “resold tickets”. This time, they are checking IDs of all audiences.

There is also a rumor that when you are stopped by staffs because you’ve tried to enter with resold tickets, you are asked to show your true ID and write down your address, name and date of birth on a paper. If you do this, you may be allowed to attend this concert, but will be banned from any other concerts and theater Stages of AKB?


Obviously, A9 and A10 are the best seating areas.

That Big Cake Thing contains, as you expected, an elevating stage, so it won’t block audiences’ views of any seating areas? Let just see.

Yuasa Hiroshi 8/24 6:01pm

We have such a huge audience!!



Togasaki Tomonobu 8/24 6:05pm

How cool these LED lightnings are!!


Message from Yasusu to Original Members

October 30, 2005, I sent this word to you who just passed the very 1st audition of AKB48.

“Let’s aim to hold TOKYO Dome concert someday”

One millimeter beyond your arms at full stretch lies your dreams.

Akimoto Yasushi

“AKB has proved that Your Dreams Will Come True”