Koisuru Fortune Cookie, Wrapped Up Version – Submission Closed!

  August 23, 2013

First things first… Sayaka, Sotsugyou Omedeto!!!!!

Secondly, we’re really, REALLY sorry for all the entrants that didn’t get in…! (゜´Д`゜)

There will be arguments about “But I already sent you an email!” or “I booked first!” and such, but before we start blaming each other, please understand that:

  1. The goal of this video is to get AS MUCH FANS from AS MUCH COUNTRIES all over the globe, and show our girls that THE WORLD loves them!
  2. We don’t want to make a video that’s very skewed to a specific country so that it might feel like “Koisuru Fortune Cookie (Country-Name) Version“, with some other countries added as an afterthought

So we hope that everyone will be able to accept the line-up that’s listed below – if you can’t find your name, then we’re really sorry… but you will not be in this video.

That being said, the AUDITION for the CENTER POSITION ( timeslot 00:00 – 00:16 ) is still on and going, so feel free to send videos to the email address specified on the last post (here)

Also, I’m still trying to get people for the Collage at the end – it’s basically a photo of you with one of your most prized AKB Goods / Merchandise, if you can get this to me that same email address, even though you’re not dancing in the video, you’ll somewhat be a part of it 🙂

00:00 - 00:16
( Center )
Few people have sent me emails re: this, still waiting for their videos[ auditioning ;D ]
00:17 - 00:20LyviaIndonesiaWatanabe Mayu[ submission received ]
00:21 - 00:23JadeFranceWatanabe Mayu[ submission received ]
00:24 - 00:28Isabel EnglandTakahashi Minami[ submission received ]
00:28 - 00:31KimberleyAndrezieux-Boutheon, FranceKobayashi Kana[ submission received ]
00:32 - 00:35JuditSpainKomiyama Haruka[ submission received ]
00:36 - 00:40JoshLas Cruces, New Mexico, USAOshima Yuko[ submission received ]
00:41 - 00:44HenrySingaporeTakahashi Minami[ submission received ]
00:45 - 00:48Adzhar Mazlan (MSA48)Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWatanabe Mayu[ submission received ]
00:49 - 00:53CarolineFranceOshima Yuko[ submission received ]
00:54 - 00:57RaphaelPalu, Indonesia[ failed to contact - filling in with other video ]
00:58 - 01:01PeroCracow, PolandMatsui Rena[ submission received ]
01:02 - 01:05Lim Wai Leong (MSA48)Selangor, MalaysiaKojima Haruna[ submission received ]
01:06 - 01:10DavisBali, IndonesiaOshima Yuko[ submission received ]
01:11 - 01:14EriSingaporeMiyawaki Sakura[ submission received ]
01:15 - 01:18Bobby & Buddy SokarijoThe NetherlandsYamamoto Sayaka & Akimoto Sayaka[ submission received ]
01:19 - 01:22TamsinStaffordshire, EnglandIchikawa Miori[ submission received ]
01:23 - 01:26TiffanyModesto, California, USASashihara Rino[ submission received ]
01:27 - 01:30JonasCopenhagen, DenmarkIwata Karen[ submission received ]
01:31 - 01:34Jenny & CaetlynSydney, AustraliaWatanabe Mayu & Kinoshita Yukiko[ submission received ]
01:35 - 01:38Kevin MarioPerth, AustraliaNakagawa Haruka[ submission received ]
01:39 - 01:42Roan Wong (MSA48)Negeri Sembilan, MalaysiaWatanabe Mayu[ submission received ]
01:43 - 01:46Connor & EricaLos Angeles, USASaito Makiko & Takahashi Minami[ submission received ]
01:47 - 01:50KoloinaGeneva, SwitzerlandYamamoto Sayaka[ submission received ]
01:51 - 01:54DellaBogor, IndonesiaMatsui Jurina[ submission received ]
01:55 - 01:58MarcPhilippines (Filwota48)Sato Sumire[ submission received ]
01:59 - 02:02Mark & HannahBaltimore, Maryland, USATakahashi Minami & Akimoto Sayaka[ submission received ]
02:03 - 02:06RachmanSurabaya, IndonesiaKawaei Rina[ submission received ]
02:07 - 02:10JadeNew York, USAAkimoto Sayaka[ submission received ]
02:11 - 02:14TinaGermanyWatanabe Mayu [ submission received ]
02:15 - 02:18Fabi & CaroSantiago,ChileFurukawa Airi[ submission received ]
02:19 - 02:22DiaaBarbar, SudanAnai Chihiro[ submission received ]
02:23 - 02:26HanBrussels, BelgiumTakahashi Minami[ submission received ]
02:27 - 02:30Bree & CourtneyTownsville, AustraliaWatanabe Mayu[ submission received ]
02:31 - 02:34CHERII (from M.O.C.H.I.I.)Manila, PhilippinesAkimoto Sayaka[ submission received ]
02:35 - 02:38Grace & ArianManila, PhilippinesAtsuko Maeda & Kawaei Rina[ submission received ]
02:39 - 02:42Yon CrtzMexico, Mexico CityWatanabe Mayu[ submission received ]
02:43 - 02:46Ari-PBandung, IndonesiaMiyazawa Sae[ submission received ]
02:47 - 02:50[ sorting out applicants ]
02:51 - 02:54Vietnam48VietnamAll 48 Girls[ submission received ]
02:55 - 02:58Mr.PixsanFranceWatanabe Mayu[ submission received ]
02:59 - 03:06
( Ending )
- Alana Saldana
- WrapUp Team
Shiner, Texas, USA
Watanabe Mayu
[ auditioning ;D ]

FYI, the cells that has “[sorting out applicants]” mean that we have already received more than one video submission / booking for that time-slot, but have yet to decide which one to choose. You will get an email if yours are chosen, so keep that Inbox tab open.

As for the videos, we will wait until Monday, 26th of August as the submission deadline.
If by Monday we did not receive anything from you, we will start emailing other fans that have booked so that they can go in – if you’re having difficulties recording, please send us an email to say so, and we will wait for you if it’s reasonable.

Other than that, a big THANK YOU VERY MUCH from the whole AKB48WrapUp Team for the love that you’ve shown us during the submission period. It only took one day and a bit for the list to be overbooked by entries from all over the world.

It’s always nice to know that there are people half a world away that unconsciously chants to the AKB48 Overture when it starts playing 🙂

PS: Ah, we’ll include a draft template (not finalised yet) of how the layout’s going to look – any comments are welcome 🙂