Check out this lovely cheat sheet of KFC Dance Routine featuring AKB48 KKS Kojima Mako!

  August 22, 2013

Have you already mastered “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”‘s dance routine? Or are you just about to learn the song’s choreography?

The song is so captivating, it went everywhere, world fans started making their own video dancing the song, the world is going crazy over this song!

And here is a little stuff to make your experience with the song richer.

Our partner Wingom translated “Koisuru Fortune Cookie Dance Cheat Sheet” for fans all around the globe.


This nifty piece is originally used for full page ad on August 21 morning edition of Yomiuri newspaper, and then HD version is shared at AKB48 official blog. All the edits/design made here over the original one is done by our partner Wingom.

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