Team 4 Gets Reformed Headed by Minegishi Minami – Tokyo Dome day three

  August 24, 2013



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akb48 team 4 new minegishi minami

Shinozaki Ayana was devastated and crying when Togasaki accidentally forgot to call her name in the team 4’s reform announcement.

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Whoa what about Mayuyu!?!?

Minegishi Minami named the captain, the new team 4 has become “Minegishi team 4”

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They also abolished current Under system so that members from any team can act as stand-in for any team’s Stage 


This must be a great day for SKE48 girls. Yuasa Hiroshi got promoted from KKS.


Team 4!

Minegishi Team 4

Minegishi Team 4

As a side note, some of former team 4 members, Abe Maria, Iwata Karen, Ichikawa Miori, Takahashi Juri, Shimada Haruka, Nagao Mariya, etc. are spotted crying at the stage out of frustration.

Iwata Karen 8/24

I wrote in Mobame that I won’t update Gugutasu today. but because, no matter how I feel (about team 4’s reformation), I felt the urge to congratulate KKS members, who’ve been working hard to support us, regular members, let me share a short post.

My heartiest congratulations, everyone^_^

I can’t share anything more today with this sentiment in my mind.

I’m sorry.

Tomorrow is the last!!

I throw all my energy into it(`・ω・´)


Takahashi Juri 8/24

Tokyo Dome day three is over♪

KKS got all promoted and team 4 has been reformed.

Among various emotions in my mind, I feel frustration the most.

But I’m gonna turn this frustration to positive energy and direct it to team A, where I can grow and shine the most right now.

Dear the KKS members, especially 13th generation, congratulation on your promotion.


Izuta Rina

Juri! You’re so awesome!
Yokoyama Yui

Yes! Let’s get do it together!!
Aigasa Moe

Thank you so much! I’ll do my best!
Murayama Yuiri

Thank you very much!

Shimada Haruka

It’s painful.

But I gotta look forward.



Precisely one year after Oshima Ryoka was promoted to team A at Tokyo Dome(!!), the rest of 13 gen members got promoted to team 4.

Aigasa Moe

Minegishi team 4!!!!!!!!!

I’m gonna make this team something that everyone calls “the strongest”!!

Soon after the announcement, Ryoka came over in rush and hugged me(°_°)♡ 

I was feeling that having the same generation peers is an amazing thing as we shared the delight.

On the very same day of the last year, Ryoka was promoted (at Tokyo Dome),

and one year later, all the rest of 13th generation members got promoted★

It’s kinda amazing! And I’m so glad.

Everyone please support Minegishi team 4 and Aigasa Moe.

Oh yeahhhhHHHHHHH!!!!! I’m sooooooooooo thrilled!!!


Umeta Ayano

Tokyo Dome day three was over!!

Thankfully I was promoted to Minegishi team 4.

First, I thought my name wasn’t gonna be called, and so I was so surprised when he called my name.

I’m totally uneasy right now.

But the feeling that I would like to enliven the new team is even stronger(๑´`๑)♡

Miichan looked so uneasy, too.

But I’m gonna support her(^^)d




Oshima Yuko in a pinch! Microphone Stand set at 2 meters!

During Tokyo Dome concert day three, unexpected trouble occurred when AKB was about to sing their no.1 song “Heavy Rotation”.

As the intro of the song start to play, Oshima and the rest of members were walking to their positions.

Somehow, only Oshima’s microphone stand was set to about 2 meters high. She and Watanabe Mayu, who was next to her, tried to lower the height to no avail.

After they sang first 1 phrase of the song, Shimazaki Haruka noticed the accident and rushed to them to help adjust the height. With her help, they finally could set the microphone stand at an appropriate height before the highlight of the song, Oshima Yuko’s solo performance.

However perhaps because a bit panicked by the accident, Watanabe made a mistake during 1st verse.

Shimazaki, who was sitting behind the same microphone stand with Watanabe shook Watanabe’s shoulder as if she was asking: “Hey are you okay?”

Feeling embarrassed, Watanabe quickly let her sense of humor saved her. She raised the height of microphone to 2 meters and made everyone laugh.

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