Kyowakoku Highlights: Iwata Karen’s famous relatives, Oshima Ryoka’s smelly feet

  February 11, 2014

On a recent episode of Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku aired 20 January, the guests were Matsui Sakiko Iriyama Anna, Iwata Karen, Oshima Ryoka.

As this was a Radio Kyowakoku episode, there were many hilarious and interesting bits.

Read on to find out more!

Karen Iwata's great uncle is a famous actor

Iwata: “My grandmother’s younger brother is Harada Daijirou-san ”

Others: “What?! DAIJIROU!?”

Iwata: “We met and dined together, he’s been taking good care of me since young,”

Ariyoshi: “What did you call him then??

Iwata: “Dai-san”

Ariyoshi: “Wow…that’s amazing, your mom too, is a local talent?”

Iwata: “Yeah…I was born in Sendai, Miyagi, where she was a radio DJ, but when I joined AKB she quit  to be with me,”

Ariyoshi:“Any others?”

Iwata: “When my mom was younger, Kankuro Kudo, the director of JeJeJe (Ama-chan)  was her relative, I think,”

Ariyoshi: “You’re surrounded by awesome people!!”

Matsui Sakiko's dad taught Kojiharu's brother

As usual, blur Kojiharu mixes up names again.

Matsui: My dad was form teacher of Kojima-san’s brother’s class.

Kojiharu: Ah! I think…he taught me Physical Education before, if I remember correctly…

Matsui: It’s Mathematics.

Ariyoshi: You’ve been studying PE from your maths teacher?! -Hahahaha-

Oshima Ryoka has smelly feet

First we had Kawaei, here comes a new challenger to the Smelly Feet Senbatsu… …Oshima Ryoka!

Oshima: “When I went home and was waiting for dinner, I thought we were having nattou, but the smell came from my feet!”

Oshima: “Then I realised how stinky my feet was!”

Oshima: “It’s not that stinky today, ’cause it’s winter.”

Members take turns to sniff.

Matsui: “Mmmmm…smells like POPCORN!”


Kojiharu: “IT STINKS! I can even taste the stink!”

And that’s it for another episode of AKB Kyouwaku. We hope you’ve had a better understanding of your favourite AKB48 members (and what their feet smells like) after reading this!