SNH48 School will be aired on TV Asahi! (+ other SNH48 news)

  February 16, 2014

SNH School 48 will be aired on TV Asahi

SNH School 48

TV Asahi recently made public that they will be airing a new show featuring SNH48 titled “SNH School 48” that will premiere on the 20th of February 2014.

The member that will be hosting this premiere episode ( and probably the rest of it ) will be no one other than our Miyazawa Sae!

SNH48 Miyazawa Sae

Look forward to Sae’s long-awaited appearance in Japanese TV!

Source: TV Asahi

Chen JiaYao leaves SNH48

Team NII’s Chen JiaYao has decided to leave the group.

Chen Jiayao

Chen Jiayao

At the moment, her reason of leaving has not been announced officialy, and her official Weibo site will not be updated from today onwards.

If she is -by any chance- your SNH48 oshimen, fear not, you can still see her updates on her Private Weibo.

Weibo ID:陳嘉瑤KAYOMI

Special Theater on February 20th

SNH48 will hold Team SII’s Li Yuqi birthday party at theater on February 20th, 02:00PM CST.

Li Yuqi

Li Yuqi

On the same day and same place, SNH48 will held Team NII’s Dong Yanyun birthday party at 07:00PM CST.

Dong Yanyun

Dong Yanyun