Sashihara Rino pushes 12-years-old Combi Nako & MIku on HKT48’s Debut at Music Station (and a bunch more!

  February 15, 2014

Oh Hi, what’s up folks? Another friday, another Music Station!

Well it wasn’t just another Saturday. HKT48 made their debut at Music Station, which, you know, means a lot in many sense. They performed a title track from their 3rd single “Sakura Minnna de tabeta” (We ate Sakura together), a song about graduating school and separating from friends.

And for the Winter Olympic fans out here, especially figure skating fans and… Asian girls…? Yeah I just learned new Olympic men figure skating champion, Hanyu Yuzuru, is wildly popular among Chinese women!!

Yay finally! HKT48 in Music Station!

What’s amazing is, those Chinese girls are so nice that they made it a rule for themselves not to bring up “BL” stuffs (Boyz’s Love: literally means Yaoi, or homosexual thingy), and not to “pair” him with other beautiful men (to satisfy their Yaoi fantasy….??) And yeah, he goes by the nickname, Yuzu in China, now that’s a cool name, isn’t it?

His victory means a lot to Japanese people (this is the first gold medal for the nation) albeit his not so impressive performance, it’s also a big night for Asian people (Asian men’s 1-2-3 finish!!) but is also a historic moment for the internet as well… that they found this new star who possess all these elements that they loves. Real-life anime character look, representing and belonging to a social minority (Asians, and dude in figure skating, whose coach, choreographer, and costume designer all gays.), humble and refreshing personality… and Bromance with Plushenko.

So once again: Congratulation Hanyu-kun!!

Now let’s go back to the topic, let’s talk about HKT48’s performance on Mステ! It was theri debut:

It was a freaking cold day…

Yay, HKT48!!

Murashige’s trademark gag, Mentaiko aired nationwide!

And as far as we remember, the first time ever that a major TV show bring it’s focus to HKT48 members other than Queen regnant (or AKB48 Group’s Yuru-Chara) Sashihara Rino!!

Nako in between Sasshi and Ninomiya of Arashi, and Sasshi surrounded by her favorite little Nako Miku.

Nako & Miku suddenly found themselves at the front row seat during pre-performance MC segment of Music Station

So did Lovetan, MioMeru, Haruppi, Sakuratan, Madoka, Natsu and Cap (Chihiro)

Fukuoka-city is a sacred city of idols. It has as many as 10 major idol groups, one of them has nationwide sensation, Hashimoto Kanna.

Sasshi is impersonating Kanna-chan’s iconic pose!!

Now you got the idea, these are the girls repping HKT48 currently, and that’s absolutely nothing surprising.

Wow, Ono-kun is sleeping LOL

Basically Sasshi used this show as an introduction of her favorite kids combi to those millions of TV viewers.

Nako & Miku: “She is like my Obaachan (Grandma)” “No, she’s our Great grandmother.”

Sashi: “Gee… I’m so shocked… I don’t think I can dance after this…”

Johnny’s boys are staring at Nako Miku…. WTH?

Okura: “Kinako is so damn cute.”

And the performance!!

They deliberately choose flat heels for Nako & Miku while all the others are putting high heels. As a result, all the eyes are on the Shogakusei-Combi. It was also good for their foot heath.”

My mind is blown! Just like all the other handsome guys out there, I’m getting so hooked with this lovely, adorable Shogakusei-Combi!!

Below are screencaps from the performance. Hops it’s not too much of a hustle for you to scroll down the damn distance!

Yipee!! You guys watching us~?

I need you to be in front of TV right now!!


Wow this is Cute…


So that was it! What do you guys think about the performance last night, or the HKT48’s new Sakura song? Please share your thoughts on comments below!

Oh and please forgive us to share cover other random topics here, coz yeah there’s just so many girls in 48G, it’s really hard not to be random when we publish only so many articles on a daily basis lol

Miichan, Yuko and Kojimako featured on next issue of AKB48 Shinbun

SKE48 Inuzuka Asana sent this photo to Nakanishi Yuuka

Nishishi: LOL Wanchan sent me this photo!”

本命 means she’s giving chocolates to him not out of courtesy but out of, well, LOVE.

Be my valentine, Nishishi-san….!

Last night was Miion’s Birthday Show “Te o tsunaginagara” in AKB48 theater and here is a short summary of her first Birthday show.

For yesterday’s show Takashima Yurina, who’s openly expressed her passion for SKE48, performed as Center (Rena’s position) in “Choco no Dorei”

Murayama Yuiri, who is effectively vice caption of team 4, says Miion was so cute when she performed and sang last night that there were many moments that she felt in love with the 15gen girl.

Umetan: “We pointed out fingers at Miion when we chanted ‘Miion Kawaii’ during Glory Days’!! Thank you so much for coming despite such a terrible weather!”

Pancho: “Miion turned 16 today, and that means now she can sing “Innocence”! Happy valentine’s day!”

Pikarin was shadow announcer for the show.

“I had an apple hairstyle for today! It means nothing *Star*”

I could get to see my dearest Miion-chan before Andare! Today was her birthday show!”

Ayaka: “Since I forgot to take a photo with Miion, let me share a photo of my favorite wall. Umm… kinda feel lonely…”

Mitsuki: “I was a host of Miion’s birthday show because wow Mizuki-chan recommended me for the role! Thank you and congratulation on your new position! The cute illustration is by Komi(haru) *Heart*”

Tsuchiyasu’s adorable singing voice she showed in “Wimbledon” was much talked topic of yesterday’s night.

And here to wrap up this Valentine’s day post, I’d like to share photos of two members literally presenting chocolate and saying “Be my Valentine”

Take chocolate in my mouth with your mouth before it melts!!

Because… I know there’re many people who like Yuria-chan very much out here ^_^

And this photo posted by Tomu, who would be the last to “fish/flirt” fans, last night made fans (and members as well) all over the world go crazy….!

So today’s Velentine ^^ It took a lot of time, efforts and of course, love to make chocolate for you… So can you be my valentine? Open your mouth wide *Heart* !!

Mogi Shinobu: “Sir, thank you sooooooooo muuuuuuuuuchoo: _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_!!!!!”
Naana: “What? What happened to you, Tomu?”

“Fishing” is as you know the idol skill that Tanochan most hate about, and that makes things all the more… appealing to fans.

??? “Phew… it was freezing cold. I need to check Tomu’s G+ to warm myself up.”

??? “Holy shittttt!!! Noooooo Tomu!! Hell nooooooo!!”

Tomu, the calm and mysterious one with an alluring look; Tanochan, the noisy, personable one, who is blunt to members but displays her lovey-dovey side only to Tomu (and Tomu always reacts in a Tsun way)

Somehow through many things we learned about “TanoTomu”, we can still find a new appeal of the duo, which is nothing short of amazing!